Hunt down social media accounts by username across social networks (Mirror repo)
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How To Contribute To Sherlock

First off, thank you for the help!

There are many ways to contribute. Here is some high level grouping.

Adding New Sites

Please look at the Wiki entry on adding new sites to understand the issues.

Any new sites that are added need to have a username that has been claimed, and one that is unclaimed documented in the site data. This allows the regression tests to ensure that everything is working.

It is required that a contributer test any new sites by either running the full tests, or running a site-specific query against the claimed and unclaimed usernames.

It is not required that a contributer run the script.

If there are performance problems with a site (e.g. slow to respond, unreliable uptime, ...), then the site may be removed from the list. The file contains sites that were included at one time in Sherlock, but had to be removed for one reason or another.

In regards to adult sites (e.g. Pornhub), we have agreed to not include them in Sherlock.
However, we do understand that some users desire this support. The data.json file is easy to add to, so users will be able to maintain their own forks to have this support. This is not ideal.
Maybe there could be another repo with an adult data.json? That would avoid forks getting out of date.

Adding New Functionality

Please ensure that the content on your branch passes all tests before submitting a pull request.