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<p><s>We will be back soon. Expect us to be online in may 2019.</s> Wait, oh shi~</p>
<p><a title="We don't stop, we rock despite" href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">What did you expect?</a></p>
<summary>See what we have brought upon this cursed land</summary>
<p>It is an application written on C#/ASP.Net Core 3 with EF Core for Postgre, ASP identity and Razor pages.</p>
<p>Good news: it is working locally.</p>
<p>Bad news: no time to debug (here we go again).</p>
<p>It is so much better than PHP version.</p>
<p>It is fast & stable.</p>
<p>I love it (that counts).</p>
<p>It will work under Loonix.</p>
<p>There's 5% of work left to complete. 95% were complete in 2 weeks. 5% may take years.</p>
<p style="color:white">WE HIRE YOU TODAY! If you were able to decrypt <a href="/baka.gpg" style="color:white;text-decoration:none">this</a>.</p>