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# App load order
Old slow flow:
Current more parallel flow:
digraph G {
node [shape=box];
subgraph cluster_0 {
node [style=filled];
label = "index.ts";
entrypoint, s0, ready [shape=point];
rageshake, config, i18n, theme, skin, olm [shape=parallelogram];
mobile [shape=diamond, label="mobile"];
modernizr [shape=diamond];
redirect, incompatible [shape=egg];
entrypoint -> rageshake;
rageshake -> mobile [color=blue];
mobile -> s0 [label="No"];
mobile -> redirect [label="Yes"];
s0 -> platform;
s0 -> olm;
platform -> config;
config -> i18n [color=blue];
config -> theme [color=blue];
config -> skin [color=blue];
i18n -> modernizr [color=blue];
theme -> modernizr [color=blue];
skin -> modernizr [color=blue];
modernizr -> ready [label="Yes"];
modernizr -> incompatible [label="No"];
incompatible -> ready [label="user ignore"];
olm -> ready [color=red];
config -> ready [color=red];
skin -> ready [color=red];
theme -> ready [color=red];
i18n -> ready [color=red];
subgraph cluster_1 {
color = green;
node [style=filled];
label = "init.tsx";
ready -> loadApp;
loadApp -> matrixchat;
+ Parallelogram: async/await task
+ Box: sync task
+ Diamond: conditional branch
+ Egg: user interaction
+ Blue arrow: async task is allowed to settle but allowed to fail
+ Red arrow: async task success is asserted
+ A task begins when all its dependencies (arrows going into it) are fulfilled.
+ The success of setting up rageshake is never asserted, element-web has a fallback path for running without IDB (and thus rageshake).
+ Everything is awaited to be settled before the Modernizr check, to allow it to make use of things like i18n if they are successful.
Underlying dependencies: