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Theming Riot
Themes are a very basic way of providing simple alternative look & feels to the
riot-web app via CSS & custom imagery.
They are *NOT* co be confused with 'skins', which describe apps which sit on top
of matrix-react-sdk - e.g. in theory Riot itself is a react-sdk skin.
As of Jan 2017, skins are not fully supported; riot is the only available skin.
To define a theme for Riot:
1. Pick a name, e.g. `teal`. at time of writing we have `light` and `dark`.
2. Fork `src/skins/vector/css/themes/dark.scss` to be teal.scss
3. Fork `src/skins/vector/css/themes/_base.scss` to be _teal.scss
4. Override variables in _teal.scss as desired. You may wish to delete ones
which don't differ from _base.scss, to make it clear which are being
overridden. If every single colour is being changed (as per _dark.scss)
then you might as well keep them all.
5. Add the theme to the list of entrypoints in webpack.config.js
6. Add the theme to the list of themes in matrix-react-sdk's UserSettings.js
7. Sit back and admire your handywork.
In future, the assets for a theme will probably be gathered together into a
single directory tree.