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"Dismiss": "ந",
"powered by Matrix": "Matrix-ஆல ஆனத",
"Unknown device": "அறியபபடத சதனம",
"You need to be using HTTPS to place a screen-sharing call.": "நகளிபகி அழள HTTPS ஐ பயனபடத வ.",
"Welcome to Element": "எலிி வரவி",
"The message from the parser is: %(message)s": "பபடி அனிய சி: %(message)s",
"Invalid JSON": "தவறன JSON",
"Unexpected error preparing the app. See console for details.": "பயன தயவதி எதித பி. விவரஙகள console ஐபகவ.",
"Invalid configuration: can only specify one of default_server_config, default_server_name, or default_hs_url.": "தவறன உளளம: default_server_config, default_server_name அலலத default_hs_url இல ஒன மடிிட மி.",
"Invalid configuration: no default server specified.": "தவறன உளளம: இயலியகமிிடபபடவி.",
"Decentralised, encrypted chat & collaboration powered by [matrix]": "[matrix] மலம இயககபபட பரவலகபபடட, மறிகபபடட அரட பயன",
"Sign In": "உளக",
"Create Account": "உஙகள கணகவஙகள",
"Explore rooms": "அறகள ஆரகள",
"Missing indexeddb worker script!": "indexeddb விிணவி!",
"Powered by Matrix": "மிலம இயககபபடிறத",
"Previous/next recently visited room or community": "மய/அடத சமபதிிட அற அலலத சமகம",
"Failed to start": "தவஙவதிி",
"Go to": " கலவ",
"I understand the risks and wish to continue": "ந அபயஙகளிடர விி",
"You can continue using your current browser, but some or all features may not work and the look and feel of the application may be incorrect.": "உஙகள தறய உலிகளடர பயனபடதல, ஆனில அலலத அன அமசஙகளயலபடமலகல மற பயனிறம உணர தவறக இரகல.",
"Please install <chromeLink>Chrome</chromeLink>, <firefoxLink>Firefox</firefoxLink>, or <safariLink>Safari</safariLink> for the best experience.": "சிறநத அனபவதிக <chromeLink>Chrome</chromeLink>, <firefoxLink>Firefox</firefoxLink>, அலலத அத <safariLink>Safari</safariLink> ஐ நிவவ.",
"%(brand)s uses advanced browser features which aren't supported by your current browser.": "%(brand)s உஙகள தறய உலி ஆதரிகபபடத மபடட உலி அமசஙகள பயனபடிறத.",
"Your browser can't run %(brand)s": "உஙகள உலிி %(brand)s ஐ இயகக மி",
"Unsupported browser": "ஆதரிகபபடத உலி",
"Use %(brand)s on mobile": "%(brand)s ஐ திறனிி பயனபடதவ",
"%(appName)s (%(browserName)s, %(osName)s)": "%(appName)s (%(browserName)s, %(osName)s)",
"Go to your browser to complete Sign In": "உளிய உஙகள உலிலவ",
"%(brand)s Desktop (%(platformName)s)": "%(brand)s திகப (%(platformName)s)",
"Open user settings": "பயனர அமகளிறககவ",
"Open": "திற",
"Download Completed": "பதிிறககமிவடதத",
"Unable to load config file: please refresh the page to try again.": "கடடம ஏறற மியவி: மயறிக பககதிகவ.",
"Your Element configuration contains invalid JSON. Please correct the problem and reload the page.": "உஙகள எலி உளளமி தவறன JSON உளளத. தயவ இத சரி பககத ஏறறவ.",
"Your Element is misconfigured": "உஙகள எலி தவறக உளளமகபபடளத"