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<!-- This is a bug report template. By following the instructions below and
filling out the sections with your information, you will help the us to get all
the necessary data to fix your issue.
You can also preview your report before submitting it. You may remove sections
that aren't relevant to your particular case.
Text between <!-- and --> marks will be invisible in the report.
### Description
Describe here the problem that you are experiencing, or the feature you are requesting.
### Steps to reproduce
- For bugs, list the steps
- that reproduce the bug
- using hyphens as bullet points
Describe how what happens differs from what you expected.
Include screenshots if possible: you can drag and drop images below.
### Version information
<!-- IMPORTANT: please answer the following questions, to help us narrow down the problem -->
- **Platform**: web (in-browser) or desktop?
- **Browser**: Chrome, Safari, Firefox? which version? <!-- n/a for desktop app -->
- **OS**: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc?
- **Version**: <!-- riot-web version from the user settings panel -->