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Changes in [1.7.28]( (2021-05-17)
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## Security notice
Element Web 1.7.28 fixes (by upgrading to matrix-react-sdk 3.21.0) a low
severity issue (GHSA-8796-gc9j-63rv) related to file upload. When uploading a
file, the local file preview can lead to execution of scripts embedded in the
uploaded file, but only after several user interactions to open the preview in
a separate tab. This only impacts the local user while in the process of
uploading. It cannot be exploited remotely or by other users. Thanks to
[Muhammad Zaid Ghifari]( for responsibly disclosing
this via Matrix's Security Disclosure Policy.
## All changes
* Upgrade to React SDK 3.21.0 and JS SDK 11.0.0
Changes in [1.7.28-rc.1]( (2021-05-11)
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