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"Cancel Sending": "அனதல ரத",
"Changelog": "மறபபதி",
"Close": "ம",
"Collapse panel": "ி",
"Collapse panel": "பலகத",
"Collecting app version information": "சயலிி பதி தகவலகளகரிகபபடிறத",
"Collecting logs": "பதிகளகரிகபபடிறத",
"Create new room": "பிய அற உர",
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"more": "அதிகம",
"Mute": "மடக",
"No rooms to show": "கபதறன அற இல",
"Messages containing <span>keywords</span>": "ிகளட <Span> 1வகளி</ span> 2",
"Messages containing <span>keywords</span>": "<span>மிய</span> கட சிகள",
"Messages containing my user name": "என பயனரயரட சிகள",
"Messages in group chats": "க அரடகளி உளள சிகள",
"Messages in one-to-one chats": "ஒர-க-ஒர அரடகளி உளள சிகள",
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"Notify me for anything else": "வ எத எனகிி",
"Off": "அம",
"On": "ம",
"Operation failed": "சயலிறத"
"Operation failed": "சயலிறத",
"Permalink": "நிரநதரத",
"Please Register": "தயவ பதியவ",
"powered by Matrix": "Matrix-ஆல ஆனத",
"Quote": "ம",
"Reject": "நிகரி",
"Remove %(name)s from the directory?": "அடிி %(name)-ஐ நகல?",
"Remove": "ந",
"remove %(name)s from the directory.": "அடிி %(name)-ஐ ந.",
"Remove from Directory": "அடிி",
"Report a bug": "வழியபபட",
"Resend": "ம அன",
"Riot is not supported on mobile web. Install the app?": "கி உலிி Riot இயங. சயலிிவ வ?",
"Room directory": "அற அட",
"Room not found": "அறணவி",
"Search": "த",
"Search…": "த…",
"Search for a room": "அற",
"Send": "அன",
"Send logs": "பதிகள அன",
"Settings": "அமகள",
"Source URL": "மல மகவரி",
"Start chat": "அரடவங",
"This Room": "இநத அற",
" to room": " அற",
"Unable to join network": "மயஙகளிர இயலவி",
"Unavailable": "இல",
"Unknown device": "தித கரி",
"unknown error code": "தித பிி",
"Unnamed room": "பயரிடபபடத அற",
"Update": "பி",
"Uploaded on %(date)s by %(user)s": "%(date)s அன %(user)s ஆல பதிறபபடடத",
"Uploading report": "அறி பதிறபபடிறத"