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Remove redesign issue template

The redesign is just the design now

Signed-off-by: Aaron Raimist <>
Aaron Raimist 3 years ago
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name: Redesign Issue
about: Bugs, feedback or feature requests specifically associated with the Redesign
project (
title: ''
labels: redesign
assignees: ''
<!-- Thanks for providing feedback on the redesign! By filling out the sections with your information, you will help the us to process your issue.
- **Browser**: Chrome, Safari, Firefox? which version?
- **OS**: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc?
### Description
Describe here the problem that you are experiencing, or the feature you are requesting.
Include screenshots if possible: you can drag and drop images below.
### Steps to reproduce
- For bugs, list the steps
- that reproduce the bug
- using hyphens as bullet points
Describe how what happens differs from what you expected.
Log: sent/not sent? <!-- You can send us the app's logs via the 'Report bug'
link on the 'Settings' page. Very important for hard-to-reproduce bugs. Please
file a bug here too! -->