move piwik whitelists to conf and add piwik config.json info to readme

Signed-off-by: Michael Telatynski <>
Michael Telatynski 5 years ago
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@ -130,6 +130,11 @@ You can configure the app by copying `config.sample.json` to
anything else since it is used to isolate the privileges of file attachments to this
domain. Default: ``. This needs to contain v1.html from
1. `piwik`: an object containing the following properties:
1. `url`: The URL of the Piwik instance to use for collecting Analytics
1. `whitelistedHSUrls`: a list of HS URLs to not redact from the Analytics
1. `whitelistedISUrls`: a list of IS URLs to not redact from the Analytics
1. `siteId`: The Piwik Site ID to use when sending Analytics to the Piwik server configured above
Running as a Desktop app

@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
"welcomeUserId": "",
"piwik": {
"url": "",
"whitelistedHSUrls": [""],
"whitelistedISUrls": ["", ""],
"siteId": 1