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Triaging issues
Issues will be triaged by the core team using the following primary set of tags:
Issues will be triaged by the core team using the below set of tags.
Tags are meant to be used in combination - e.g.:
* P1 critical bug == really urgent stuff that should be next in the bugfixing todo list
* "release blocker" == stuff which is blocking us from cutting the next release.
* P1 feature type:voip == what VoIP features should we be working on next?
* P1: top priority; typically blocks releases
priority: **compulsory**
* P1: top priority - i.e. pool of stuff which we should be working on next
* P2: still need to fix, but lower than P1
* P3: non-urgent
* P4: intereseting idea - bluesky some day
* P4: interesting idea - bluesky some day
* P5: recorded for posterity/to avoid duplicates. No intention to resolves right now.
bug or feature:
bug or feature: **compulsory**
* bug
* feature
bug severity:
bug severity: **compulsory, if bug**
* cosmetic - feature works functionally but UI/UX is broken
* critical - whole app doesn't work
* major - entire feature doesn't work
* minor - partially broken feature (but still usable)
* cosmetic - feature works functionally but UI/UX is broken
* type:* - refers to a particular part of the app; used to filter bugs
on a given topic - e.g. VOIP, signup, timeline, etc.
additional categories:
additional categories (self-explanatory):
* release blocker
* ui/ux (think of this as cosmetic)
* network (specific to network conditions)
* platform (platform specific)
* platform specific
* accessibility
* maintenance
* performance
* i18n
* blocked - whether this issue currently can't be progressed due to outside factors
community engagement
* easy
* hacktoberfest
* bounty? - proposal to be included in a bounty programme
* bounty - included in Status Open Bounty