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David Baker 6 years ago
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@ -72,7 +72,32 @@ You can configure the app by copying `vector/config.sample.json` to
addresses) to matrix IDs: see
for more details. Currently the only public matrix identity servers are
and In future identity servers will be decentralised.
1. `roomDirectory`: config for the public room directory. This section encodes behaviour
on the room directory screen for filtering the list by server / network type and joining
third party networks. This config section will disappear once APIs are available to
get this information for home servers. This section is optional.
1. `roomDirectory.servers`: List of other Home Servers' directories to include in the drop
down list. Optional.
1. `roomDirectory.serverConfig`: Config for each server in `roomDirectory.servers`. Optional.
1. `roomDirectory.serverConfig.<server_name>.networks`: List of networks (named
in `roomDirectory.networks`) to include for this server. Optional.
1. `roomDirectory.networks`: config for each network type. Optional.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.name`: Human-readable name for the network. Required.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.protocol`: Protocol as given by the server in
`/_matrix/client/unstable/thirdparty/protocolss` response. Required to be able to join
this type of third party network.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.domain`: Domain as given by the server in
`/_matrix/client/unstable/thirdparty/protocols` response, if present. Required to be
able to join this type of third party network, if present in `thirdparty/protocols`.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.portalRoomPattern`: Regular expression matching aliases
for portal rooms to locations on this network. Required.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.icon`: URL to an icon to be displayed for this network. Required.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.example`: Textual example of a location on this network,
eg. '#channel' for an IRC network. Optional.
1. `roomDirectory.<network_type>.nativePattern`: Regular expression that matches a
valid location on this network. This is used as a hint to the user to indicate
when a valid location has been entered so it's not necessary for this to be
exactly correct. Optional.
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