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VoIP virtual rooms, mkII

or: remove the virtual room mapping config option

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David Baker 1 year ago
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@ -110,18 +110,6 @@ For a good example, see
1. `logo`: An HTTP URL to the avatar for the desktop build. Should be 24x24, ideally
an SVG.
1. `url`: An HTTP URL for where to send the user to download the desktop build.
1. `voip_mxid_translate_pattern`: Used to route VoIP calls to different Matrix IDs.
Any VoIP calls placed will instead be placed to the translated Matrix ID from the
pattern string but still appear to be with the original Matrix ID. Correspondingly,
incoming VoIP calls will be made to appear as if they came from a different Matrix ID.
The value is a template string with substitution `$(mxid)` which is the complete
URL-encoded native Matrix ID, using '=' instead of '%'. For example, a value of
`@_myappservice_$(mxid)` would cause any VoIP call to `@bob:foo.example`
to be redirected to `` and calls
from the latter to appear as if they were from the former.
This option is experimental and may be removed at any time without notice. It's
also strongly advised not to set this option unless you're absolutly certain you
know what you're doing.
1. `mobileGuideToast`: Whether to show a toast a startup which nudges users on
iOS and Android towards the native mobile apps. The toast redirects to the
mobile guide if they accept. Defaults to false.