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1. `whitelistedISUrls`: a list of IS URLs to not redact from the analytics
1. `siteId`: The Piwik Site ID to use when sending analytics to the Piwik server configured above
1. `welcomeUserId`: the user ID of a bot to invite whenever users register that can give them a tour
1. `embeddedPages`: Configures the pages displayed in portions of Riot that
embed static files, such as:
1. `welcomeUrl`: Initial content shown on the outside of the app when not
logged in. Defaults to `welcome.html` supplied with Riot.
1. `homeUrl`: Content shown on the inside of the app when a specific room is
not selected. By default, no home page is configured. If one is set, a
button to access it will be shown in the top left menu.
Note that `index.html` also has an og:image meta tag that is set to an image