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Paulo Pinto 9 months ago
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@ -15,15 +15,16 @@ limitations under the License.
* This code will be autoremoved on production builds.
* The purpose of this code is that the webpack's `string-replace-loader`
* pretty much search for this string in this specific file and replaces it
* like a macro before any previous compilations, which allows us to inject
* some css requires statements that are specific to the themes we have turned
* on by ourselves. Without that very specific workaround, webpack would just
* import all the CSSes, which would make the whole thing useless, as on my
* machine with i9 the recompilation for all themes turned ou would take way
* over 30s, which is definitely too high for nice css reloads speed.
* This code is removed on production builds.
* Webpack's `string-replace-loader` searches for the `use theming` string
* in this specific file, and replaces it with CSS requires statements that
* are specific to the themes we have enabled.
* Without this workaround, webpack would import the CSS of all themes, which
* would defeat the purpose of hot-reloading since all themes would be compiled,
* which would result in compilation times on the order of 30s, even in a
* powerful machine.
* For more details, see webpack.config.js:184 (string-replace-loader)