Add readme bit on cross-origin renderer

David Baker 4 years ago
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@ -49,6 +49,15 @@ We have put some coarse mitigations into place to try to protect against this
situation, but it's still not good practice to do it in the first place. See for more details.
The same applies for end-to-end encrypted content, but since this is decrypted
on the client, Riot needs a way to supply the decrypted content from a separate
origin to the one Riot is hosted on. This currently done with a 'cross origin
renderer' which is a small piece of javascript hosted on a different domain.
To avoid all Riot installs needing one of these to be set up, hosts
one on which is used by default. See 'config.json' if you'd
like to host your own. tracks
progress on replacing this with something better.
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