Add 'showLabsSettings' flag to docs+sample config

Travis Ralston 3 years ago
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@ -134,6 +134,8 @@ For a good example, see
in the `labs` section of settings. The available optional experimental features vary from
release to release. Some of the available features are described in the Labs Feature section
of this README.
1. `showLabsSettings`: Shows the "labs" tab of user settings even when no `features` are enabled
or present. Useful for getting at settings which may be otherwise hidden.
1. `brand`: String to pass to your homeserver when configuring email notifications, to let the
homeserver know what email template to use when talking to you.
1. `branding`: Configures various branding and logo details, such as:

@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
"integrations_rest_url": "",
"integrations_jitsi_widget_url": "",
"bug_report_endpoint_url": "",
"showLabsSettings": false,
"features": {
"feature_groups": "labs",
"feature_pinning": "labs",