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@ -282,18 +282,33 @@ If any of these steps error with, `file table overflow`, you are probably on a m
which has a very low limit on max open files. Run `ulimit -Sn 1024` and try again.
You'll need to do this in each new terminal you open before building Riot.
How to add a new translation?
Running the tests
[<img src="" alt="translationsstatus" width="340">](
There are a number of application-level tests in the `tests` directory; these
are designed to run in a browser instance under the control of
[karma]( To run them:
* Make sure you have Chrome installed (a recent version, like 59)
* Make sure you have `matrix-js-sdk` and `matrix-react-sdk` installed and
built, as above
* `npm run test`
The above will run the tests under Chrome in a `headless` mode.
You can also tell karma to run the tests in a loop (every time the source
changes), in an instance of Chrome on your desktop, with `npm run
test-multi`. This also gives you the option of running the tests in 'debug'
mode, which is useful for stepping through the tests in the developer tools.
Head to the [translating doc](docs/
Adding Strings to the translations (Developer Guide)
To add a new translation, head to the [translating doc](docs/
Head to the [translating dev doc](docs/
For a developer guide, see the [translating dev doc](docs/
[<img src="" alt="translationsstatus" width="340">](
Triaging issues