Add code quality review policy

This adds a new review policy which encourages tests for new features. As with
everything, we'll continue to tune this based on feedback.
J. Ryan Stinnett 1 year ago
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* Assign issues only when in progress to indicate to others what can be picked
## Code Quality
In the past, we have occasionally written different kinds of tests for
Element and the SDKs, but it hasn't been a consistent focus. Going forward, we'd
like to change that.
* For new features, code reviewers will expect some form of automated testing to
be included by default
* For bug fixes, regression tests are of course great to have, but we don't want
to block fixes on this, so we won't require them at this time
The above policy is not a strict rule, but instead it's meant to be a
conversation between the author and reviewer. As an author, try to think about
writing a test when making your next change. As a reviewer, try to think about
how you might test the area of code you are reviewing. If the reviewer agrees
it would be quite difficult to test some new feature, then it's okay for them to
accept the change without tests for now, but we'd eventually like to be more
strict about this further down the road.
If you do spot areas that are quite hard to test today, please let us know in We can work on improving the app architecture and
testing helpers so that future tests are easier for everyone to write, but we
won't know which parts are difficult unless people shout when stumbling through
We recognise that this testing policy will slow things down a bit, but overall
it should encourage better long-term health of the app and give everyone more
confidence when making changes as coverage increases over time.
## Design and Product Review
We want to ensure that all changes to Element fit with our design and product