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# riot-web Labs features
Some notes on the features you can enable by going to `Settings->Labs`. Not exhaustive, chat in [#riot-web:matrix.org] for more information.
**Be warned! Labs features are not finalised, they may be fragile, they may change, they may be dropped. Ask in the room if you are unclear about any details here.**
## Render simple counters in room header
Allows rendering of labelled counters above the message list.
Once enabled, send a custom state event to a room to set values:
1. In a room, type `/devtools` to bring up the devtools interface
2. Click "Send Custom Event"
3. Toggle from "Event" to "State Event"
4. Set the event type to: `re.jki.counter` and give it a unique key
5. Specify the content in the following format:
"link": "",
"severity": "normal",
"title": "my counter",
"value": 0
That's it. Now should see your new counter under the header.
[#riot-web:matrix.org]: https://matrix.to/#/#riot-web:matrix.org