8 Commits (3036bab1c675c3d815508a33fe69a9a969a6b3df)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Will Hunt 625c21a8af
@babolivier showed me the way 2 years ago
Half-Shot d515bad46f Support application/wasm in docker 2 years ago
Travis Ralston 726bf35b76 Fix Docker build for develop and publish a /version file 3 years ago
Slavi Pantaleev 4e63e3b0de Base Docker image on nginx:alpine, not the larger nginx:latest 3 years ago
Travis Ralston 3123b429f7 Increase timeout for yarn install in Docker builds 3 years ago
Travis Ralston 1bb70930fa Support custom SDKs and use yarn 3 years ago
kaiyou e47fae034a Add some layers to cache installed dependencies at build time 4 years ago
kaiyou 045b0b9889 Add a two-stages Dockerfile for building Riot 4 years ago