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_t("Decentralised, encrypted chat & collaboration powered by [matrix]")

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_t("Lots of rooms already exist in Matrix, linked to existing networks (Slack, IRC, Gitter etc) or independent. Check out the directory!")

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_t("General discussion about Matrix and Riot")

Matrix HQ _t("Discussion of all things Matrix!")
Riot _t("Riot/Web & Desktop chat")
#riot-ios _t("Riot/iOS & matrix-ios-sdk chat")
#riot-android _t("Riot/Android & matrix-android-sdk chat")

_t("Matrix technical discussions")

_t("Running Matrix services")

Synapse Support Community _t("Community-run support for Synapse")
#dendrite:matrix.org _t("Admin support for Dendrite")
Synapse Homeowners _t("Announcements about Synapse releases")
IRC Matrix Bridges _t("Support for those using and running matrix-appservice-irc")

_t("Building services on Matrix")

#matrix-dev:matrix.org _t("Support for those using the Matrix spec")
End-to-end crypto in Matrix _t("Design and implementation of E2E in Matrix")
#vr:matrix.org _t("Implementing VR services with Matrix")
#webrtc:matrix.org _t("Implementing VoIP services with Matrix")
Matrix Identity _t("Discussion of the Identity Service API")
Matrix Bridging _t("Support for those using, running and writing other bridges")

_t("Contributing code to Matrix and Riot")

#riot-dev _t("Dev chat for the Riot/Web dev team")
#dendrite-dev _t("Dev chat for the Dendrite dev team")
Riot Translations _t("Co-ordination for Riot translators")