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"%(appName)s via %(browserName)s on %(osName)s": "%(appName)s %(browserName)s దర %(osName)s కి",
"Custom Server Options": "మలచిన సిక ఎికల",
"Dismiss": "రద",
"Riot Desktop on %(platformName)s": "రియటగసథల %(platformName)s",
"Welcome to": "రి.ఇివగత",
"Search the room directory": "గదిివరిిి",
"Chat with Riot Bot": "రిిి",
"Unknown device": "తయని పరికర",
"You need to be using HTTPS to place a screen-sharing call.": "తర నిి HTTPS అవసర.",
"Riot is not supported on mobile web. Install the app?": "మజరియట పనియద. ఆప ఇన?"