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Michael Telatynski 0e0c1cfad3 Add support for localConfig at $appData/config.json. 4 years ago
electron-main.js Add support for localConfig at $appData/config.json. 4 years ago
originMigrator.js Add tool to migrate logins between origins 4 years ago
preload.js Missing include 4 years ago
squirrelhooks.js tidy electron files, they were starting to annoy me 5 years ago
tray.js Merge branches 'develop' and 't3chguy/updating_stuff' of into t3chguy/updating_stuff 5 years ago
updater.js store window ref globally so when splitting files its easier to access. 5 years ago
vectormenu.js Only allow Electron to zoom with CommandOrControl+= 4 years ago
webcontents-handler.js Doc broken will-navigate listener 4 years ago