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"Unexpected error preparing the app. See console for details.": "’t Is een onverwachte foute ipgetreedn by ’t voorbereidn van den app. Bekykt de console vo details.",
"Invalid configuration: can only specify one of default_server_config, default_server_name, or default_hs_url.": "Oungeldige configuroasje: ku moar één van default_server_config, default_server_name, of default_hs_url ingeevn.",
"Invalid configuration: no default server specified.": "Oungeldige configuroasje: geen standoardserver ingegeevn.",
"Riot Desktop on %(platformName)s": "Riot Desktop ip %(platformName)s",
"Unknown device": "Ounbekend toestel",
"%(appName)s via %(browserName)s on %(osName)s": "%(appName)s via %(browserName)s ip %(osName)s",
"You need to be using HTTPS to place a screen-sharing call.": "Je moet HTTPS gebruukn vo een iproep me schermdeeln te kunn startn.",
"powered by Matrix": "meuglik gemakt deur Matrix",
"Custom Server Options": "Angepaste serverinstelliengn",
"You can use the custom server options to sign into other Matrix servers by specifying a different homeserver URL. This allows you to use Riot with an existing Matrix account on a different homeserver.": "Je kut d’angepaste serverinstelliengn gebruukn vo jen eigen an te meldn by andere Matrix-servers, deur een andere thuusserver-URL in te geevn. Da lat je toe van Riot te gebruukn met e bestoande Matrix-account by een andere thuusserver.",
"Dismiss": "Afwyzn",
"Welcome to": "Welgekommn by",
"Decentralised, encrypted chat & collaboration powered by [matrix]": "Gedecentraliseerd en versleuteld chattn & soamenwerkn meuglik gemakt deur [matrix]",
"Sign In": "Anmeldn",
"Create Account": "Account anmoakn",
"Need help?": "Hulp nodig?",
"Chat with Riot Bot": "Chattn me Riot-robot",
"Explore rooms": "Gesprekkn ountdekkn",
"Room Directory": "Gesprekscataloog",
"Your Riot is misconfigured": "Je Riot is verkeerd geconfigureerd gewist",
"Your Riot configuration contains invalid JSON. Please correct the problem and reload the page.": "Je Riot-configuroasje bevat oungeldigen JSON. Corrigeer ’t probleem en herload ’t blad.",
"The message from the parser is: %(message)s": "’t Bericht van de verwerker is: %(message)s",
"Invalid JSON": "Oungeldigen JSON",
"Go to your browser to complete Sign In": "Goa noa je browser voe d’anmeldienge te voltooin"