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# Converts an svg logo into the various image resources required by
# the various platforms deployments.
# On debian-based systems you need these deps:
# apt-get install xmlstarlet python3-cairosvg icnsutils
if [ $# != 1 ]
echo "Usage: $0 <svg file>"
set -e
set -x
tmpdir=`mktemp -d 2>/dev/null || mktemp -d -t 'icontmp'`
for i in 1024 512 310 256 192 180 152 150 144 128 120 114 96 76 72 70 64 60 57 48 36 32 24 16
#convert -background none -density 1000 -resize $i -extent $i -gravity center "$1" "$tmpdir/$i.png"
# Above is the imagemagick command to render an svg to png. Unfortunately, its support for SVGs
# with CSS isn't very good (with rsvg and even moreso the built in renderer) so we use cairosvg.
# This can be installed with:
# pip install cairosvg==1.0.22 # Version 2 doesn't support python 2
# pip install tinycss
# pip install cssselect # These are necessary for CSS support
# You'll also need xmlstarlet from your favourite package manager
# Cairosvg doesn't suport rendering at a specific size (
# so we have to 'resize the svg' first (add width and height attributes to the svg element) to make it render at the
# size we need.
# XXX: This will break if the svg already has width and height attributes
cp "$1" "$tmpdir/tmp.svg"
xmlstarlet ed -N x="" --insert "/x:svg" --type attr -n width -v $i "$tmpdir/tmp.svg" > "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg"
xmlstarlet ed -N x="" --insert "/x:svg" --type attr -n height -v $i "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg" > "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
cairosvg -f png -o "$tmpdir/$i.png" "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
rm "$tmpdir/tmp.svg" "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg" "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
# one more for the non-square mstile
cp "$1" "$tmpdir/tmp.svg"
xmlstarlet ed -N x="" --insert "/x:svg" --type attr -n width -v 310 "$tmpdir/tmp.svg" > "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg"
xmlstarlet ed -N x="" --insert "/x:svg" --type attr -n height -v 150 "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg" > "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
cairosvg -f png -o "$tmpdir/310x150.png" "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
rm "$tmpdir/tmp.svg" "$tmpdir/tmp2.svg" "$tmpdir/tmp3.svg"
mkdir "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset"
cp "$tmpdir/16.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_16x16.png"
cp "$tmpdir/32.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_16x16@2x.png"
cp "$tmpdir/32.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_32x32.png"
cp "$tmpdir/64.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_32x32@2x.png"
cp "$tmpdir/128.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_128x128.png"
cp "$tmpdir/256.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_128x128@2x.png"
cp "$tmpdir/256.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_256x256.png"
cp "$tmpdir/512.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_256x256@2x.png"
cp "$tmpdir/512.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_512x512.png"
cp "$tmpdir/1024.png" "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_512x512@2x.png"
if [ -x "$(command -v iconutil)" ]; then
# available on macos
iconutil -c icns -o electron_app/build/icon.icns "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset"
elif [ -x "$(command -v png2icns)" ]; then
# available on linux
# png2icns is more finicky about its input than iconutil
# 1. it doesn't support a 64x64 (aka 32x32@2x)
# 2. it doesn't like duplicates (128x128@2x == 256x256)
rm "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_128x128@2x.png"
rm "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_256x256@2x.png"
rm "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_16x16@2x.png"
rm "$tmpdir/Riot.iconset/icon_32x32@2x.png"
png2icns electron_app/build/icon.icns "$tmpdir"/Riot.iconset/*png
echo "WARNING: Unsupported platform. Skipping icns build"
cp "$tmpdir/36.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-36x36.png"
cp "$tmpdir/48.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-48x48.png"
cp "$tmpdir/72.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-72x72.png"
cp "$tmpdir/96.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-96x96.png"
cp "$tmpdir/144.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-144x144.png"
cp "$tmpdir/192.png" "res/vector-icons/android-chrome-192x192.png"
cp "$tmpdir/180.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon.png"
cp "$tmpdir/180.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png"
cp "$tmpdir/57.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-57x57.png"
cp "$tmpdir/60.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-60x60.png"
cp "$tmpdir/72.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-72x72.png"
cp "$tmpdir/76.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-76x76.png"
cp "$tmpdir/114.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-114x114.png"
cp "$tmpdir/120.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-120x120.png"
cp "$tmpdir/144.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-144x144.png"
cp "$tmpdir/152.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-152x152.png"
cp "$tmpdir/180.png" "res/vector-icons/apple-touch-icon-180x180.png"
cp "$tmpdir/16.png" "res/vector-icons/favicon-16x16.png"
cp "$tmpdir/32.png" "res/vector-icons/favicon-32x32.png"
cp "$tmpdir/96.png" "res/vector-icons/favicon-96x96.png"
cp "$tmpdir/70.png" "res/vector-icons/mstile-70x70.png"
cp "$tmpdir/144.png" "res/vector-icons/mstile-144x144.png"
cp "$tmpdir/150.png" "res/vector-icons/mstile-150x150.png"
cp "$tmpdir/310.png" "res/vector-icons/mstile-310x310.png"
cp "$tmpdir/310x150.png" "res/vector-icons/mstile-310x150.png"
cp "$tmpdir/180.png" "electron_app/img/riot.png"
convert "$tmpdir/16.png" "$tmpdir/32.png" "$tmpdir/64.png" "$tmpdir/128.png" "$tmpdir/256.png" "res/vector-icons/favicon.ico"
cp "res/vector-icons/favicon.ico" "electron_app/build/icon.ico"
cp "res/vector-icons/favicon.ico" "electron_app/img/riot.ico"
for i in 24 96 16 48 64 128 256 512
cp "$tmpdir/$i.png" "electron_app/build/icons/${i}x${i}.png"
rm -r "$tmpdir"