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This is a react-based SDK for inserting a Matrix chat client into a web page

Getting started with the trivial example

  1. Install or update node.js so that your npm is at least at version 2.0.0
  2. Clone the repo: git clone
  3. Switch to the example directory: cd matrix-react-sdk/examples/trivial
  4. Install the prerequisites: npm install
  5. Build the example and start a server: npm start

Now open in your browser to see your newly built Matrix client.

Using the example app for development

The above commands will let you start working on the app, and any changes you make to the javascript source files will cause the javascript to be rebuilt automatically, but the same will not apply for the CSS.

To have the CSS bundle also rebuild as you change it:

  1. cd matrix-react-sdk
  2. npm start:css

Note that you may need to restart the CSS builder if you add a new file. Note that npm start builds debug versions of the the javascript and CSS, which are much larger than the production versions build by the npm run build commands.