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Customized version of gitlab.com/EnjuAihara/fedi-block-api
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Fedi block API

Used to see which instances block yours.

software used:

  • python 3.10.2


sudo useradd -m fba
sudo mkdir -p /opt/fedi-block-api
sudo chown -R fba:fba /opt/fedi-block-api
sudo -Hu fba git clone https://gitlab.com/EnjuAihara/fedi-block-api.git /opt/fedi-block-api
cd /opt/fedi-block-api
sudo -Hu fba pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo -Hu fba cp blocks_preloaded.db blocks.db
sudo -Hu fba cp config.defaults.json config.json

Install the services

sudo cp services/* /etc/systemd/system

start the services

systemctl enable --now fetch_blocks
systemctl enable --now fedi_block_api

Try it out