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By @ProfessorTox

Dump AES keys for Spotify songs from a compatible Windows Spotify version (compatibility listed below).

Screenshot Example


  1. Make sure SpotifyKeyDumperInjector.exe and SpotifyKeyDumper.dll are located in the same folder as Spotify (Spotify.exe).
  2. Start SpotifyKeyDumperInjector either before or after launching Spotify.


This project uses C++14 on Visual Studio 2019


  • 1.1.25
  • 1.1.26
  • 1.1.27
  • 1.1.28
  • 1.1.29
  • 1.1.30
  • 1.1.44
  • 1.1.45

If you want a specific version, DM me.


  • Tools used for research: IDA Pro, Ghidra, and Cheat Engine
  • This program was created for educational purposes. It is not intended to be used otherwise


The MIT License (MIT)