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Daily Stormer Search

A Search Engine for the Daily Stormer


In the root of the project, do the following.

# Install node modules
npm i

# Initialize database from scratch
sqlite3 main.db < sql/ds.sql
sqlite3 main.db < sql/ds.001.sql
sqlite3 main.db < sql/ds.002.sql

# Alternatively, download a database snapshot.
gzcat dss-latest.db.gz > main.db

# Run the server
micro-dev -p 1984 site.js

Downloading Articles

# Download all articles from scratch:
# This takes a few days and may need babysitting in case of crashes.

# Dowloading the last 140 articles per category:
# If you have a recent snapshot, running this once is how you should get it up to date.
P=1 bin/download-all


To periodically update the database with new articles, replace the value of DSS_ROOT with the path to where DSS is on your system, and place the following in your crontab.

  55  *    *    *    *  cd $DSS_ROOT && bin/articles-update

Environment Variables


Make sure your PATH includes node_modules/.bin. Running micro-dev probably won't work otherwise.


By default, this code assumes the database is at ./main.db in the root of the project directory. If you want to use another database, you may specify its full path in DSS_DB.