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  Perception 11929904bd Add 'json' class to json link 2 months ago
  Perception 75aa46e2a7 Add a link to the JSON version of an article 2 months ago
  Perception 9a0954e162 Add robots.txt 2 months ago
  Perception 96a46e85d6 Add route /article/:slug 2 months ago
  Perception 4fe26733c9 Indent subquery in getTagCloud 2 months ago
  Perception 681eab8108 Show articles in reverse chronological order 2 months ago
  Perception d706211934 Ignore static paths during start up 2 months ago
  Perception 84ff77c348 Display 'Untitled' if there is no title 2 months ago
  Perception 5454b08bc9 Add white-space: nowrap 3 months ago
  Perception 95624919bd Make tag background lighter on hover 3 months ago
  Perception 96ff857069 Fix misleading comment about return value 3 months ago
  Perception c6618da038 Display article.tags 3 months ago
  Perception 1073c96eee Add single-quote to dangerous chars 3 months ago
  Perception b7e924448f Reverse conditional 3 months ago
  Perception 151db97d21 Reorganize conditional to avoid crashes 3 months ago
  Perception 6354a6b7e8 Escape search query correctly and fix pagination 3 months ago
  Perception a5b2424969 Remove TODOs that are DONE 3 months ago
  Perception b06d78e380 Add escape-goat and upgrade axios 3 months ago
  Perception 9f729926c6 Rename count to c correctly this time 3 months ago
  Perception ddf1a37a3b Revert "Put tag count result in .c not .count" 3 months ago
  Perception f69a34a0a2 Put tag count result in .c not .count 3 months ago
  perception 13944dee41 Merge pull request 'Optimize tag cloud query' (#2) from seger672/dss:master into master 3 months ago
  H. L. Seger 1ed7e6a5f6 Optimize tag cloud query 3 months ago
  Perception af14df4238 Document environment variables 3 months ago
  Perception a199071063 Add word 'periodically' 3 months ago
  Perception 45df1554b0 Drop old index too 3 months ago
  Perception f80a820a19 Refine info on downloading articles 3 months ago
  Perception 21cfc1b157 Use env var P to download less 3 months ago
  Perception 502e9240fe Rename package to dss 3 months ago
  Perception cd0d1cfceb Update README w/ more db info 3 months ago
  Perception 6158f9b703 Prefill search input with current query 3 months ago
  Perception 53cf904437 Add migration for improved index for article table 3 months ago
  Perception 705fe1feaa Factor out _article-link ejs partial 3 months ago
  Perception fb3a078b7c Redo the README w/ installation instructions 3 months ago
  Perception c7efe96825 Try to prevent search queries from crashing 3 months ago
  Perception e86b1548fc Use article.id as a tie-breaker when sorting 3 months ago
  Perception bd427891df Reverse order of years 3 months ago
  Perception 4b3dc5ac3f Group by actual columns rather than calculated value 3 months ago
  Perception a064d70f7a Optimize archive queries 3 months ago
  Perception 8b11403e0d Add schema migration for optimizing archive queries 3 months ago
  Perception 5cb84a8737 Preload a static list of top tags on home page 3 months ago
  Perception 58ee7fe140 Make headers smaller 3 months ago
  Perception d762e879e8 Use ds.db() 3 months ago
  Perception 25b3283dc3 Ignore *.db instead of just main.db 3 months ago
  Perception 7f32002fa5 Use the clean CSS class 3 months ago
  Perception c015ae06df Add routes and templates for tag pages 3 months ago
  Perception 1af8847989 Tweak category pages 3 months ago
  Perception 0e39a2e401 Add routes and templates for archives 3 months ago
  Perception 15f29e1b8f Use ds.db() 3 months ago
  Perception 763356956b Add dotenv initialization 3 months ago