962 Commits (tracking)

Author SHA1 Message Date
roytam1 4200e26d23 [Basilisk] sync SSUAO with rev 0196638c89 in Basilisk-Dev upstream 3 days ago
roytam1 95e858a01a [Pale-Moon] sync SSUAO with rev 3ad7d7e9f9 in MCP upstream 3 days ago
roytam1 9816e341b2 bump versions 3 months ago
FranklinDM 5d8b76c827 [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#21 - Remove panning/tab animation performance measurements 3 months ago
FranklinDM fb350a088f [Pale-Moon] Restore removed call to log application start time 3 months ago
FranklinDM 22b4e607c8 [Pale-Moon] Fix undefined `console` when the hidePopup method is called 3 months ago
roytam1 b0ccff1c6c [Basilisk] tracking-protection: remove telemetry 3 months ago
Moonchild 494a4caae0 [Basilisk] Prevent form popups from crossing the "line of death". 3 months ago
win7-7 264752661b [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1828 - Stop using js expression closures in Pale Moon front-end 3 months ago
Moonchild e349f9b884 [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#21 - Fix up start-up timeline instrumentation. 3 months ago
Moonchild 8a2431fffb [Pale-Moon] [win system] Update the list of delayed-loaded dlls 3 months ago
Matt A. Tobin 5d7a2b8793 [Pale-Moon] No Issue - ifdef hide/showChrome sync-notifications code 3 months ago
Moonchild 0691dfb5ba [Basilisk] Issue MoonchildProductions/GRE#3029 - Fix search after telemetry removal. 3 months ago
Moonchild 653cba3202 [Basilisk] Issue MoonchildProductions/GRE#3029 - Remove telemetry from FE 3 months ago
Moonchild 054e286777 [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#21 - Remove telemetry from the front-end. 3 months ago
roytam1 3636940b3a bump versions. 5 months ago
roytam1 7d223da9ca [Pale-Moon] addons: replace Application.restart call with Services.startup.quit 9 months ago
roytam1 16f07caa39 [Pale-Moon] remove Application prefix in enterTabbedMode method 9 months ago
roytam1 7852cec48a [Pale-Moon] make sure anchor.top is not smaller than zero 9 months ago
roytam1 e4da2ce4e0 [Pale-Moon] remove OSX related code 9 months ago
roytam1 bd90dd917f [Basilisk] remove OSX related code 9 months ago
Ben Fenner c7a14f5481 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1875 - Rebrand Help menu item URI from FF to PM. 1 year ago
Matt A. Tobin a668e99abd [Pale-Moon] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1793 - Override the global style for Windows 10 that adds a bottom border to the toolbox widget 1 year ago
Matt A. Tobin 17a32c4f3f [Basilisk] Issue MoonchildProductions/UXP#1793 - Override the global style for Windows 10 that adds a bottom border to the toolbox widget 1 year ago
Pale Moon d76cfefcfc [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 8: Tweak, cleanup and finalize. 1 year ago
Moonchild 3fa9719166 [Pale-Moon] Remove unnecessary (and interfering) code for tabbed privacy preferences category. 1 year ago
Moonchild a5416d8087 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 7: Make the the search placeholder less obnoxious. 1 year ago
Moonchild 5c628bbf77 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 6: Revisit styling to base it more on previous about:home 1 year ago
Moonchild abdb4ac723 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 5: Align about:home background with other pages. 1 year ago
Moonchild ae5e18f518 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 4: Tweak search box styling some more. 1 year ago
Moonchild 31d77a0815 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 3: Fix about:home search form width. 1 year ago
Moonchild befd404397 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 2: De-duplicate search engine logos in the source and unify. 1 year ago
Moonchild ca2ea0bc7b [Pale-Moon] Issue #1872 - Part 1: Update and align about:home and newtab search box styling 1 year ago
Moonchild 6d7fdcaab1 [Pale-Moon] Change the hard-coded "Learn more" link with DNT to our own page. 1 year ago
Moonchild b671986b15 [Pale-Moon] Re-organize the Privacy category in preferences. 1 year ago
roytam1 cc8b823a2d bump palemoon version for upcoming changes 1 year ago
Moonchild ba00d14c12 Issue #1751 - Remove Mac code behind MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT == 'cocoa' 1 year ago
Moonchild 4bcb79066b [Pale-Moon] Issue #1870 - Add try/catch and console logging for failing autocomplete popup. 1 year ago
Moonchild 214ac352e5 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1865 - Remove mac-specific resources 1 year ago
Moonchild a4b0f333ba Issue #1751 -- Remove XP_MACOSX conditionals from the rest of the tree. 1 year ago
FranklinDM 0be821b7c1 [Basilisk] Issue #39 - Warn before opening many URI nodes in tabs 1 year ago
Moonchild 1d298f4e0f [Pale-Moon] [SSUAO] Update Citi bank override. 1 year ago
FranklinDM 8d7f0a27aa [Pale-Moon] Issue #1816 - Warn before opening many URI nodes in tabs 1 year ago
FranklinDM d846ef7bee [Pale-Moon] Issue #1701 - Allow Open All in Tabs for containers with only one child URI 1 year ago
Moonchild 700f7804bd [Pale-Moon] Issue #1866 - Add controls for preferred color scheme. 1 year ago
Moonchild 437f41ff19 [Pale-Moon] Feed Twitter a native UA so it'll stop blocking. 1 year ago
Moonchild 2fea3f29bc [Pale-Moon] Issue #1865 - Stop preprocessor abuse causing issues 1 year ago
Moonchild 724fc731ac [Pale-Moon] Issue #1865 - Remove unused overlays and unnecessary preprocessing 1 year ago
Moonchild a984b1dd93 [Pale-Moon] Issue #1865 - Remove XP_MACOSX conditional blocks. 1 year ago
Moonchild 0006a4612d [Pale-Moon] Remove stray Android conditional 1 year ago