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Job Bautista b3e43f41a8 Issue #1980 - Fix build bustage for applications where WebRTC building is enabled. 5 days ago
Job Bautista 0c5c349ca6 Issue #1977 - Bring back old behavior behind a pref. 5 days ago
Job Bautista 707d744219 Issue #1977 - Allow WAV into media document. 5 days ago
Moonchild bf58945866 [DOM] Add extra check for performance API Next Hop protocol 1 week ago
Jeremy Andrews d50a7a5394 Issue #1956 - Fix symbol visibility issue more elegantly. 4 weeks ago
Moonchild 8831656c85 Issue #1959 - Don't apply CSPs to explicit data documents and images. 4 weeks ago
Moonchild c0429c9a0f [DOM] use the sanitizer to restrict href in svg:use to fragment-only URLs 1 month ago
Moonchild 6066cc36cd [DOM media] Remove potentially unsafe type accesses when debug logging 1 month ago
Martok 85af7f6e80 Issue #1952 - m-c 1383775: Clean up function toString/toSource code, remove remnants of source decompiler 1 month ago
Moonchild c43ed8d93e Issue #21 - Follow-up: Remove some left-over telemetry plumbing. 1 month ago
Brian Smith 95f1786bb4 Issue #1905 - Part 4c - Follow Firefox and Safari in reporting "Intel" for Mac ARM64 devices. Based on Mozilla bug 1655285. 2 months ago
Brian Smith 7e63a3f440 Issue #1905 - Part 4b - Fix issue loading the profile and saving changes to the profile. Based on the following Mozilla bugs: 1659904, 1659905 and 1659077. 2 months ago
Moonchild 9fa9622d5b [DOM] Clip image data transfers. 2 months ago
Moonchild 3bcd2ee360 [DOM] Don't allow internal MIME types to be assigned to DataTransfer 2 months ago
Jeremy Andrews e632fc1e8c Issue #1742 - Part 4: Don't trigger read barriers when comparing wrapped pointers types 2 months ago
Moonchild 80d7d43961 Issue #1742 - Part 1: Refactor rooting base class templates 2 months ago
trav90 5c61382dac Issue #457 - Silence some GCC compiler warnings in FFmpeg code 3 months ago
Moonchild 62a140ab80 Bug 1679987 - Remove unused includes of nsCharSeparatedTokenizer.h. 3 months ago
Moonchild 28821219dd Bug 1761981 3 months ago
Moonchild 50965fb223 No issue - Align our resource timing with the updated Fetch spec. 3 months ago
Moonchild 009fb3146f Issue #1820 - Part 8: Check bit depth in PDM::Supports. 3 months ago
Moonchild c8637cc239 Issue #1820 - Part 7: Check bit depth in WebMDecoder to determine if we support HDR. 3 months ago
Moonchild 14f0f80cd1 Issue #1820 - Part 6: Extract bit depth information from codec parameter string into VideoInfo::mBitDepth. 3 months ago
Moonchild a4e69db6a4 Issue #1820 - Part 5: Add mBitDepth field to VideoInfo. 3 months ago
Moonchild 3eafe55b6e Issue #1820 - Part 4: Add a gtest for testing the extraction function. 3 months ago
Moonchild b272509dc3 Issue #1820 - Part 3: Use Codec detail extractor helper to tell if it's a new style VP8/VP9 codec string. 3 months ago
Moonchild 648430c9f1 Issue #1820 - Part 2: Add VP9-in-MP4 support to the decoder 3 months ago
Moonchild 55504b39bf Issue #1820 - Part 1 : Add an extraction function to parse the RFC-6381 VP9 codec string. 3 months ago
Brian Smith 13fcc4a046 Issue #1829 - Revert "Issue #1751" 3 months ago
FranklinDM cee60fb824 Issue #21 - Change MappedAttrParser to store its nsIPrincipal instead of nsSVGElement 3 months ago
FranklinDM 8a7587b401 Issue #21 - Remove use counters telemetry 3 months ago
Moonchild d562709920 Issue #21 - Remove calls to Services.telemetry and nsITelemetry 3 months ago
Moonchild 2564be2d79 Issue #21 - Remove Telemetry from Accessibility, EME and WebRTC. 3 months ago
Moonchild 69ebaa5450 Issue #21 - Remove Telemetry from Push and devtools. 3 months ago
Moonchild 8d800b1cb0 Issue #21 - Remove Telemetry plumbing and fix build. 3 months ago
roytam1 92a1cc3139 Revert "Issue #21 - Remove use counters telemetry" 3 months ago
roytam1 bebaa470c6 Revert "Issue #21 - Change MappedAttrParser to store its nsIPrincipal instead of nsSVGElement" 3 months ago
Moonchild 4dace76a04 Issue #1885 - Follow-up: Update error message if invalid rootMargin specified. 3 months ago
FranklinDM e5962d9f4c Issue #21 - Change MappedAttrParser to store its nsIPrincipal instead of nsSVGElement 3 months ago
FranklinDM 8ca9db6b65 Issue #21 - Remove use counters telemetry 3 months ago
Moonchild 7c93047283 Issue #1885 - Allow unitless rootMargin entries for IntersectionObserver. 4 months ago
Jeremy Andrews 88e4cd51ab Issue #1593 - Part 5: Fix error that messes with event state detection. 4 months ago
Jeremy Andrews 5c002ce200 Issue #1593 - Part 2: Account for Shadow DOM v1 and iterator in nsBindingManager. 4 months ago
Jeremy Andrews 7472bc02be Issue #1593 - Part 1: Import William Chen's patches w/o selector implementation, fixed up. 4 months ago
roytam1 ecdf4bfb29 Revert "Issue #3024 - First pass support for :host and :host-context" 4 months ago
Moonchild d4eac725fd Issue #1877 - Resolve RELEASE_OR_BETA conditionals. 4 months ago
Moonchild 15065117ff Fix Mesa check + whitespace 4 months ago
Moonchild 943d76fa91 No issue - Avoid WebGL crash on Mesa 4 months ago
roytam1 c576ac1792 webidl: remove VoidFunction from RTCPeerConnection.webidl, missing in Issue #3063 since upstream removed WebRTC. (originally as part of bug 1324169) 5 months ago
Moonchild bf80b78247 [DOM XSLT] Add fallback value conversions if not converted beforehand. 5 months ago