22 Commits (tracking)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Brian Smith 13fcc4a046 Issue #1829 - Revert "Issue #1751" 3 months ago
Moonchild a4b0f333ba Issue #1751 -- Remove XP_MACOSX conditionals from the rest of the tree. 1 year ago
Moonchild 0cd673d720 Issue #1656 - Part 6: Clean up the build files 2 years ago
Moonchild 538b420319 Issue #1656 - Part 4: Manual cleanup 2 years ago
Moonchild 30df895eb2 Issue #1656 - Part 3: Nuke more vim config lines in the tree. 2 years ago
Moonchild 8c395520d9 Issue #1656 - Part 1: Nuke most vim config lines in the tree. 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin a9478b09e1 Issue #1614 - Update en-US Dictionary 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 6ce9cc2a25 Bug 1377978 - Make nsRange use uint32_t to offset 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 9d8343e19c Bug 1367683 - Optimize initializing nsRange 2 years ago
wolfbeast d43f7275d0 Handle missing base64 challenge in NegotiateAuth and NTLMAuth. 3 years ago
Gaming4JC 4ab1401ee6 Issue #1102 - Disable <meta http-equiv=set-cookie> 3 years ago
adeshkp aea50f182f Telemetry: Remove stubs and related code 4 years ago
wolfbeast df1cfaae17 Reorder boolean expression to take advantage of short-circuiting. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 57251fc4e7 Clean up a number of unused variables. 4 years ago
Gaming4JC fdec621f51 backport mozbug 1350090: Turn off the spammy warning that goes off every time we create an about:blank content viewer; r=mystor 4 years ago
wolfbeast 8c8145e620 Remove all C++ Telemetry Accumulation calls. 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 0fac4df87d nsIContentPolicy: Their order (in nsIContentPolicyBase.idl) must be retained in nsContentBlocker.cpp 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci d180a351b0 Added Ci.nsIContentPolicy.TYPE_SAVEAS_DOWNLOAD to next files 4 years ago
wolfbeast f6fa2effca Consistently use PR memory functions. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 719ac1bc38 Remove MOZ_B2G leftovers and some dead B2G-only components. 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 196fddddb6 moebius#130: URL parser - fix: don't allow empty host name 4 years ago
Roy Tam dcd9973243 import FIREFOX_52_6_0esr_RELEASE from mozilla-esr52 hg repo 5 years ago