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Author SHA1 Message Date
Moonchild 0cd673d720 Issue #1656 - Part 6: Clean up the build files 2 years ago
Matt A. Tobin 4f0ac63dd9 Take files out of preprocessing that no longer require it 2 years ago
wolfbeast f8432bc275 Issue #1208: Update Sync policies.js getters/setters to prevent race. 3 years ago
wolfbeast efd576e045 Issue #1208: Remove `services.sync.enabled` pref. 3 years ago
wolfbeast c0204d7955 Issue #1208: Fix jsonLoad in Sync's `util.js` to handle errors. 3 years ago
Sean Greenslade 84bfab4f70 Update sync clear history function to use new clear() API call. 3 years ago
Ascrod c54c6d3bd2 Issue #991 Part 6: Services 3 years ago
wolfbeast c64dc935f9 Remove Firefox Accounts service and tie-ins. 3 years ago
Moonchild ccf32a6b79 Remove various FxA tests 3 years ago
wolfbeast d7738a4639 Remove some fxa tests. 3 years ago
wolfbeast 3685261ed4 Remove CloudSync 3 years ago
wolfbeast cc260a8fe4 Juggle some strings. 4 years ago
wolfbeast be4df626c9 Revert "Restore missing broadcaster strings" 4 years ago
wolfbeast fff88d98d3 Restore missing broadcaster strings 4 years ago
wolfbeast 5ea73337eb Fix status.js 4 years ago
wolfbeast a48aab05c4 Remove FxA BrowserIDManager auth 4 years ago
wolfbeast 409276baed TPS logging: use app name 4 years ago
wolfbeast 486cc48e33 Remove fxAccountsEnabled() 4 years ago
wolfbeast 05ce0cf80e Remove get/setFxAMigrationSentinel 4 years ago
wolfbeast 6cabeae4aa Remove telemetry calls from sync 4 years ago
wolfbeast b2be364394 Remove healthreport telemetry module from Sync + tests 4 years ago
wolfbeast 56e3c42f4e Remove FxaMigrator module 4 years ago
wolfbeast bc8ef5b9f9 Bump Weave client version 4 years ago
wolfbeast 890dc7d073 Prevent form sync error when there's nothing to sync. 4 years ago
wolfbeast b7cd3b1046 Update constants. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 5075edbd77 Pass exceptions directly to logger. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 78b5433dcd Teach Sync history engine about TRANSITION_RELOAD visit type. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 2a67c7a011 Fix error in locallyModified. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 45fa852dcc Make Everything Work™ 4 years ago
wolfbeast 457d84209a Update constants.js for array assignment. 4 years ago
wolfbeast ee948be1cf Update sync client for JS changes. 4 years ago
wolfbeast c53787dfdb Import Tycho weave client 4 years ago
wolfbeast fe9637c0f8 Remove FxA migrator. 4 years ago
wolfbeast f9daa51971 Don't try to fetch FxA migration sentinel from non-supporting server. 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 012dcf0c68 Rename some remaining strings "firefox[-branding].js" to "basilisk[-branding.js]" (or [application].js) 4 years ago
NTD 673fb0b1b1 Cleanup WebExAM test dependencies 4 years ago
JustOff 2205d506e5 Fix misc regressions in en-US locale 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci f174521d9e [PALEMOON] [frontend vs backend] Sync - add missed strings in sync.properties 4 years ago
wolfbeast 867de19f7e Use a pref for supported Sync server API levels 4 years ago
wolfbeast 8d899f957c Partially disentangle FxA from Weave so Pale Moon Sync can work. 4 years ago
wolfbeast 719ac1bc38 Remove MOZ_B2G leftovers and some dead B2G-only components. 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci b56d147095 Fix unsafe "instanceof" negations 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 82205cf721 moebius#30 and #37: ForgetAboutSite.jsm - promise - serialize vs. parallel + a comment 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci 196fddddb6 moebius#130: URL parser - fix: don't allow empty host name 4 years ago
janekptacijarabaci b5b976ad99 Crypto Services (utils) - Support for SHA224-512 4 years ago
NTD 358cd0404a Move WebExtensions enabled Add-ons Manager 4 years ago
NTD f5048f2a1d Remove kinto client, Firefox kinto storage adapter, blocklist update client and integration with sync, OneCRL and the custom time check for derives system time. 4 years ago
Roy Tam dcd9973243 import FIREFOX_52_6_0esr_RELEASE from mozilla-esr52 hg repo 5 years ago