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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#include "nsISupports.idl"
[scriptable, uuid(b74fb158-1265-4102-91eb-edd0136b49f8)]
interface nsIPlaintextEditor : nsISupports
// XXX Why aren't these in nsIEditor?
// only plain text entry is allowed via events
const long eEditorPlaintextMask = 0x0001;
// enter key and CR-LF handled specially
const long eEditorSingleLineMask = 0x0002;
// text is not entered into content, only a representative character
const long eEditorPasswordMask = 0x0004;
// editing events are disabled. Editor may still accept focus.
const long eEditorReadonlyMask = 0x0008;
// all events are disabled (like scrolling). Editor will not accept focus.
const long eEditorDisabledMask = 0x0010;
// text input is limited to certain character types, use mFilter
const long eEditorFilterInputMask = 0x0020;
// use mail-compose editing rules
const long eEditorMailMask = 0x0040;
// allow the editor to set font: monospace on the root node
const long eEditorEnableWrapHackMask = 0x0080;
// bit for widgets (form elements)
const long eEditorWidgetMask = 0x0100;
// this HTML editor should not create css styles
const long eEditorNoCSSMask = 0x0200;
// whether HTML document specific actions are executed or not.
// e.g., if this flag is set, the editor doesn't handle Tab key.
// besides, anchors of HTML are not clickable.
const long eEditorAllowInteraction = 0x0400;
// when this is set, the characters in password editor are always masked.
// see bug 530367 for the detail.
const long eEditorDontEchoPassword = 0x0800;
// when this flag is set, the internal direction of the editor is RTL.
// if neither of the direction flags are set, the direction is determined
// from the text control's content node.
const long eEditorRightToLeft = 0x1000;
// when this flag is set, the internal direction of the editor is LTR.
const long eEditorLeftToRight = 0x2000;
// when this flag is set, the editor's text content is not spell checked.
const long eEditorSkipSpellCheck = 0x4000;
* The valid values for newlines handling.
* Can't change the values unless we remove
* use of the pref.
const long eNewlinesPasteIntact = 0;
const long eNewlinesPasteToFirst = 1;
const long eNewlinesReplaceWithSpaces = 2;
const long eNewlinesStrip = 3;
const long eNewlinesReplaceWithCommas = 4;
const long eNewlinesStripSurroundingWhitespace = 5;
* The length of the contents in characters.
* XXX change this type to 'unsigned long'
readonly attribute long textLength;
* The maximum number of characters allowed.
* default: -1 (unlimited).
attribute long maxTextLength;
/** Get and set the body wrap width.
* Special values:
* 0 = wrap to window width
* -1 = no wrap at all
attribute long wrapWidth;
* Similar to the setter for wrapWidth, but just sets the editor
* internal state without actually changing the content being edited
* to wrap at that column. This should only be used by callers who
* are sure that their content is already set up correctly.
void setWrapColumn(in long aWrapColumn);
/** Get and set newline handling.
* Values are the constants defined above.
attribute long newlineHandling;
* Inserts a string at the current location,
* given by the selection.
* If the selection is not collapsed, the selection is deleted
* and the insertion takes place at the resulting collapsed selection.
* @param aString the string to be inserted
void insertText(in DOMString aStringToInsert);
* Insert a line break into the content model.
* The interpretation of a break is up to the implementation:
* it may enter a character, split a node in the tree, etc.
* This may be more efficient than calling InsertText with a newline.
void insertLineBreak();