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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
set -e
# Update to an ICU release:
# Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <release tag name>
# E.g., for ICU 62.2: release-62-2
# Update to an ICU maintenance branch:
# Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <maintenance name>
# E.g., for ICU 62.2: maint/maint-62
if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
echo "Usage: <URL of ICU GIT> <release tag name>"
exit 1
# Ensure that $Date$ in the checked-out git files expands timezone-agnostically,
# so that this script's behavior is consistent when run from any time zone.
export TZ=UTC
# Also ensure GIT-INFO is consistently English.
export LANG=en_US.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=en_US
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
icu_dir=`dirname $0`/icu
# Remove intl/icu/source, then replace it with a clean export.
rm -rf ${icu_dir}/source
tmpclonedir=$(mktemp -d)
git clone --depth 1 --branch $2 $1 ${tmpclonedir}
cp -r ${tmpclonedir}/icu4c/source ${icu_dir}/source
# Record `git log`.
# (This ensures that if ICU modifications are performed properly, it's always
# possible to run the command at the top of this script and make no changes to
# the tree.)
git -C ${tmpclonedir} log -1 > ${icu_dir}/GIT-INFO
# Clean up after ourselves.
rm -rf ${tmpclonedir}
# remove layoutex, tests, and samples, but leave makefiles in place
find ${icu_dir}/source/layoutex -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm
find ${icu_dir}/source/test -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm
find ${icu_dir}/source/samples -name '*' -prune -or -type f -print | xargs rm
# remove data that we currently don't need
rm -rf ${icu_dir}/source/data/brkitr/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/lang/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/lang/*.txt
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/mappings/*.mk
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/mappings \
-name ibm-37_P100-1995.ucm -prune -or \
-name ibm-1047_P100-1995.ucm -prune -or \
-name '*.ucm' -print | xargs rm
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/rbnf/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/region/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/region/*.txt
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/translit/*
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/unit/*.mk
rm ${icu_dir}/source/data/unit/*.txt
# Remove all exemplar cities 'ec'. (bug 1225401 and bug 1345336)
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
-name root.txt -prune -or \
-name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
-name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*ec{\".*\"}$/ { d }'
# Remove empty time zone entries after exemplar cities removal.
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
-name root.txt -prune -or \
-name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
-name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*\"[A-Z][a-zA-Z:_-]*\"{/{N; s/^\s*\"[A-Z][a-zA-Z:_-]*\"{\n\s*}// }; /^$/d'
# And finally remove any empty 'zoneStrings' entries.
find ${icu_dir}/source/data/zone \
-name root.txt -prune -or \
-name tzdbNames.txt -prune -or \
-name '*.txt' -print | xargs sed -i '/^\s*zoneStrings{/{N; s/^\s*zoneStrings{\n\s*}// }; /^$/d'
for patch in \
bug-915735 \
suppress-warnings.diff \
bug-1172609-timezone-recreateDefault.diff \
bug-1198952-workaround-make-3.82-bug.diff \
bug-1504656-relativetimeformat-plural-other-fallback.diff \
; do
echo "Applying local patch $patch"
patch -d ${icu_dir}/../../ -p1 --no-backup-if-mismatch < ${icu_dir}/../icu-patches/$patch
topsrcdir=`dirname $0`/../
python ${topsrcdir}/js/src/tests/ecma_6/String/ $topsrcdir
# Update our files in config/external/icu, and
# build a new ICU data file.
python `dirname $0`/ $topsrcdir
#hg addremove "${icu_dir}/source" "${icu_dir}/GIT-INFO" ${topsrcdir}/config/external/icu
# Check local tzdata version.
`dirname $0`/ -c