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# -*- Mode: python; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
# We could use and but for some reason it gets a bit messy...
# Just use what we have.. While UXP may reduce the importance of moz.configure we
# likely will never be able to eliminate it entirely... Oh well.
# Disables building the platform code
# NOTE: This negates any possiblity of an XPIDL or Binary XPCOM Components
set_config('MOZ_DISABLE_PLATFORM', '1')
# Minimum required by moz.configure since we don't want everything in
# toolkit/moz.configure when the platform isn't built
set_config('MOZ_PACKAGER_FORMAT', 'omni')
set_config('MOZ_JAR_MAKER_FILE_FORMAT', 'flat')
# moz.configure won't allow setting normal variables in a global context so
# create a function that can be called to get specific info
def confvars(key):
metadata = {
'name': 'ABPrime',
'id': '',
'version': '1.0.7',
'creator': 'Binary Outcast',
'description': 'Bootstrapped adblocking is yesterday!',
'slug': 'abprime',
'chrome': 'abprime',
'targetApp': 'Pale Moon',
'targetID': '{8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}',
'targetMinVer': '27.0.0',
'targetMaxVer': '28.*',
'basilisk': '1'
return metadata[key]
# These will set the config/substs
set_config('ADDON_NAME', confvars('name'))
set_config('ADDON_ID', confvars('id'))
set_config('ADDON_VERSION', confvars('version'))
set_config('ADDON_AUTHOR', confvars('creator'))
set_config('ADDON_SHORT_DESC', confvars('description'))
set_config('ADDON_XPI_NAME', confvars('slug'))
set_config('ADDON_CHROME_NAME', confvars('chrome'))
set_config('ADDON_TARGET_APP_NAME', confvars('targetApp'))
set_config('ADDON_TARGET_APP_ID', confvars('targetID'))
set_config('ADDON_TARGET_APP_MINVER', confvars('targetMinVer'))
set_config('ADDON_TARGET_APP_MAXVER', confvars('targetMaxVer'))
set_config('ADDON_TARGET_BASILISK', confvars('basilisk'))
# These will set defines
# Should weed them down to just what is required which I believe
set_define('ADDON_NAME', confvars('name'))
set_define('ADDON_ID', confvars('id'))
set_define('ADDON_VERSION', confvars('version'))
set_define('ADDON_AUTHOR', confvars('creator'))
set_define('ADDON_SHORT_DESC', confvars('description'))
set_define('ADDON_XPI_NAME', confvars('slug'))
set_define('ADDON_CHROME_NAME', confvars('chrome'))
set_define('ADDON_TARGET_APP_NAME', confvars('targetApp'))
set_define('ADDON_TARGET_APP_ID', confvars('targetID'))
set_define('ADDON_TARGET_APP_MINVER', confvars('targetMinVer'))
set_define('ADDON_TARGET_APP_MAXVER', confvars('targetMaxVer'))
set_define('ADDON_TARGET_BASILISK', confvars('basilisk'))