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.TH @MOZ_APP_NAME@ 1 "March 28, 2005" @MOZ_APP_NAME@ "Linux User's Manual"
@MOZ_APP_NAME@ \- an internet application suite (browser, mail, etc.)
\fB@MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME@\fR is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance,
performance and portability.
\fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@\fR is a simple shell script that will set up the environment for
the actual executable, \fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@-bin\fR.
A summary of the options supported by \fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@\fR is included below.
.SS "GTK options"
Gdk debugging flags to set
Gdk debugging flags to unset
Gtk+ debugging flags to set
Gtk+ debugging flags to unset
Load an additional Gtk module
.SS "X11 options"
.BI \-\-display= DISPLAY
X display to use
.B \--sync
Make X calls synchronous
.B \-\-no-xshm
Don't use X shared memory extension
.BI \-\-xim-preedit= STYLE
.BI \-\-xim-status= STYLE
.B \-\-g-fatal-warnings
Make all warnings fatal
\fB\-height\fR \fIvalue\fR
Set height of startup window to \fIvalue\fR.
.B \-h, \-help
Show summary of options.
.B \-installer
Start with 4.x migration window.
\fB\-width\fR \fIvalue\fR
Set width of startup window to \fIvalue\fR.
.B \-v, \-version
Print \fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@-bin\fR version.
\fB\-CreateProfile\fR \fIprofile\fR
Create \fIprofile\fR.
\fB\-P\fR \fIprofile\fR
Start with \fIprofile\fR.
.B \-ProfileWizard
Start with profile wizard.
.B \-ProfileManager
Start with profile manager.
.B \-SelectProfile
Start with profile selection dialog.
\fB\-lang\fR \fIlang-region\fR
Start with \fIlang-region\fR resources.
\fB\-remote\fR \fIcommand\fR
Execute \fIcommand\fR in an already running @MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME@ process. For more info,
see: \fI\fR
.B \-splash
Enable splash screen.
.B \-addressbook
Start with the addressbook.
.B \-news
Start with news.
.B \-jsconsole
Start with Javascript Console
\fB\-edit\fR \fIurl\fR
Start with editor.
\fB\-chrome\fR \fIurl\fR
Load the specified chrome.
.B \-mail
Start with mail.
\fB\-compose\fR \fIurl\fR
Start with mail compose.
\fI@bindir@/@MOZ_APP_NAME@\fR - shell script wrapping \fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@\fR
\fI@mozappdir@/@MOZ_APP_NAME@-bin\fR - \fB@MOZ_APP_NAME@\fR executable
To report a bug, please visit \fI\fR
.BR galeon(1)
.B The Mozilla Organization