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#filter substitution
<!ENTITY wizard.title "Issue reporter">
<!ENTITY privacyPolicy.label "Privacy policy">
<!ENTITY dataCollector.heading "Welcome to the issue reporter">
<!ENTITY dataCollector.description "Please wait a few moments while @ADDON_NAME@ gathers the required data.">
<!-- Please keep typeSelector.heading short - it is shown in the progress bar, not much space there -->
<!ENTITY typeSelector.heading "Select issue type">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.description "
This window will guide you through the steps required for the submission of an Adblock
Latitude issue report. First, please select the type of issue that you are experiencing
on this page:
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falsePositive.label "@ADDON_NAME@ is blocking too much">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falsePositive.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falsePositive.description "
Select this option if the page lacks important content, displays incorrectly or
fails to function properly. You can determine whether @ADDON_NAME@ is the cause
of the problem by disabling it temporarily.
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falseNegative.label "@ADDON_NAME@ doesn't block an advertisement">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falseNegative.accesskey "v">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.falseNegative.description "
Select this option if an advertisement is displayed despite
@ADDON_NAME@ being enabled.
<!ENTITY typeSelector.other.label "Other issue">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.other.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY typeSelector.other.description "
Select this option if you suspect an issue with @ADDON_NAME@ itself rather
than its filters.
<!ENTITY showRecentReports.label "Show recently submitted reports">
<!ENTITY recentReports.label "Your recently submitted reports">
<!ENTITY recentReports.clear.label "Remove all reports">
<!ENTITY recentReports.clear.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY update.inProgress.description "
@ADDON_NAME@ needs to update your filter subscriptions to make sure that the
issue hasn't been resolved already. Please wait...
<!ENTITY update.fixed.description "
The updates to your filter subscriptions likely resolved the issue that you
were reporting. Please reload the page and retry, hit Report again if the
problem remains.
<!ENTITY outdatedSubscriptions.description "
The following filter subscriptions haven't been updated for at least two
weeks. Please update these subscriptions before submitting a report, the
issue might be resolved already.
<!ENTITY update.start.label "Start update now">
<!ENTITY issues.description "
@ADDON_NAME@ has detected issues with your configuration that might be responsible
for this issue or will make investigating the report difficult.
<!ENTITY issues.whitelist.description "
@ADDON_NAME@ is currently disabled on the page you are reporting. Please re-enable
it and reload the page before submitting the report to assist the investigation of
this issue.
<!ENTITY issues.whitelist.remove.label "Re-enable @ADDON_NAME@ on this page">
<!ENTITY issues.disabled.description "
@ADDON_NAME@ is disabled, it will not block anything in its current state.
<!ENTITY issues.disabled.enable.label "Enable @ADDON_NAME@">
<!ENTITY issues.nofilters.description "
@ADDON_NAME@ isn't blocking anything on the current page. The issue you are
observing is most likely unrelated to @ADDON_NAME@.
<!ENTITY issues.nosubscriptions.description "
You do not appear to be subscribed to any of the pre-made filter lists that
automatically remove unwanted content from websites.
<!ENTITY issues.nosubscriptions.add.label "Add filter subscription">
<!ENTITY issues.subscriptionCount.description "
It seems that you are subscribed to too many filter subscriptions. This
setup is not recommended because it will make the likeliness
of issues much higher. We also cannot accept your issue report because it
is unclear which filter subscription author needs to take action. Please
remove all but the really necessary filter subscriptions and test whether
the issue still occurs then.
<!ENTITY issues.openPreferences.label "Open filter preferences">
<!ENTITY issues.ownfilters.description "
Some of the filters applied on this page are user-defined. Please disable
the filters that might have caused the issue:
<!ENTITY issues.ownfilters.disable.label "Disable filter">
<!ENTITY issues.disabledgroups.description "
The following filter subscriptions / filter groups are disabled, yet they might have
an effect on this page:
<!ENTITY issues.disabledgroups.enable.label "Enable filter subscription / filter group">
<!ENTITY issues.disabledfilters.description "
The following filters are disabled, yet they might have an effect on this page:
<!ENTITY issues.disabledfilters.enable.label "Enable filter">
<!ENTITY issues.override.label "The configuration is correct, continue with the report">
<!ENTITY issues.override.accesskey "c">
<!ENTITY issues.change.description "
Your configuration has been changed. Please reload the page to test the changes
and submit a report if the issue hasn't been resolved by the alterations.
<!ENTITY typeWarning.description "
You have indicated that you want to report a general issue with @ADDON_NAME@ rather
than a problem with the filters. Please note that such issues are best reported
in the [link]@ADDON_NAME@ forum[/link]. You should only use the issue reporter to
supplement an existing discussion, as nobody will notice your report
unless you provide them with the link to it. The automatically generated link
will be provided after submitting the report.
<!ENTITY typeWarning.override.label "I understand and want to submit the report anyway">
<!ENTITY typeWarning.override.accesskey "s">
<!ENTITY reloadButton.label "Reload page">
<!ENTITY reloadButton.accesskey "R">
<!-- Please keep screenshot.heading short - it is shown in the progress bar, not much space there -->
<!ENTITY screenshot.heading "Attach screenshot">
<!ENTITY screenshot.description "
The same page can look different for different people. It may help us to
understand the problem if you attach a screenshot to your report. You can remove
sections containing sensitive information as well as mark areas where the
problem is noticeable. To do that click the corresponding button and select
a section of the image with your mouse.
<!ENTITY screenshot.attach.label "Attach a page image to the report">
<!ENTITY screenshot.attach.accesskey "t">
<!ENTITY screenshot.mark.label "Mark the problem">
<!ENTITY screenshot.mark.accesskey "M">
<!ENTITY screenshot.remove.label "Remove sensitive data">
<!ENTITY screenshot.remove.accesskey "R">
<!ENTITY screenshot.undo.label "Undo">
<!ENTITY screenshot.undo.accesskey "U">
<!-- Please keep commentPage.heading short - it is shown in the progress bar, not much space there -->
<!ENTITY commentPage.heading "Enter comment">
<!ENTITY commentPage.description "
The text field below allows you to enter a comment to help us understand the issue.
This step is optional but recommended if the problem isn't obvious.
You can also review the report data before it is sent.
<!ENTITY comment.label "Comment (optional):">
<!ENTITY comment.accesskey "C">
<!ENTITY comment.lengthWarning "The length of your comment exceeds 1000 characters. Only the first 1000 characters will be sent.">
<!ENTITY email.label "Email for further inquiries (optional):">
<!ENTITY email.accesskey "m">
<!ENTITY attachExtensions.label "Attach a list of active extensions to the report in case add-on conflict is the cause of the problem">
<!ENTITY attachExtensions.accesskey "x">
<!ENTITY sendButton.label "Send report">
<!ENTITY sendButton.accesskey "n">
<!ENTITY showData.label "Show report data">
<!ENTITY data.label "Report data:">
<!ENTITY data.accesskey "p">
<!-- Please keep sendPage.heading short - it is shown in the progress bar, not much space there -->
<!ENTITY sendPage.heading "Send report">
<!ENTITY sendPage.waitMessage "Please wait while @ADDON_NAME@ is submitting your report.">
<!ENTITY sendPage.confirmation "Your report has been saved. You can access it at the following address:">
<!ENTITY sendPage.knownIssue "The issue you reported is probably already known. More information:">
<!-- Note: the placeholder ?1? will be replaced by the error code -->
<!ENTITY sendPage.errorMessage "
An attempt to send the report failed with error code &quot;?1?&quot;. Please ensure you are
connected to the Internet and retry. If the problem persists please request
assistance in the [link]@ADDON_NAME@ forum[/link].
<!ENTITY sendPage.retry.label "Send again">
<!ENTITY copyLink.label "Copy report link">
<!ENTITY copyLink.accesskey "C">