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Borealis - The Binary Outcast Navigator

Borealis is a web browsing application forked from Mozilla community code that
is built using the Unified XUL Platform (UXP).


Its user interface is similar to the SeaMonkey's Navigator/Browser component
which was dirived from the Mozilla Application Suite developed largely by
Netscape for Netscape Communicator 6/7.

This does NOT include the MailNews, Composer, or any other suite bundled


* Personal side-project to explore the inner workings of a more classical
mozilla-based application.

* Provide a very traditional but powerful web browser

What features will be included in the Navigator

* The Navigator/Browser including Tabbed Browsing
* Comprehensive control of Preferences
* Customizable Toolbars
* XUL Overlay and Bootstrap (Restartless) Extension Support
* Complete Themeing Support
* Open Search Engine Providers
* Windows and Linux support

What will *NOT* be included in the Navigator

* Digital Rights Management (DRM) such as Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
- Netflix and any other sites that utilize such technology will not function
* WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications)
- Skype, Discord, Hangouts, and the like will not function properly
* WebExtensions aka Google Chrome Content and Service Extensions
* Jetpack (Add-ons SDK) Extensions
* Web Developer tools beyond an Error Console and perhaps DOM Inspector
* Personas/Lightweight Themes/Toolbar Backgrounds
* Language Packs
* Support for the Macintosh, any flavor of BSD, ReactOS