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K-Meleon (c) 2000 Christophe Thibault ( All rights reserved.
K-Meleon uses some bits from :
SuperPimp(tm) Installer (c) 2000 Nullsoft
Gecko and System Icon from Mozilla (
Little AVI animation borrowed from the Galeon project ( (c) Fr<EFBFBD>d<EFBFBD>ric Toussaint
K-Meleon is the Windows answer to Galeon. Thus, K-Meleon is a lite Web browser based on gecko
(the mozilla rendering engine). It's fast, it has a light interface, and it is fully
standards-compliant. To make it simple, K-Meleon could be considered as the unbloated Mozilla
version for Windows.
K-Meleon interface tries to mimic the IE MFC interface as much as possible. For convenience,
it also uses the IE bookmarking system.
K-Meleon is released under the GNU General Public License.
For more information and support, visit and the
kmeleon forum at The developers mailinglist can be reached at:
The public PGP key (ID: 0x783D0587) to verify the authentity of releases can be found at:
v0.4 (18 April, 2001)
- Plugin configuration
- Check marks on toolbar menu
- fixed: xpcom.dll crashes when trying to view some non html files:
- fixed: menus don't save in preferences
- open new window to current page
- "close" menuitem fixed
- Toolbars can now be hidden
- modified plugins to call RegisterToolbar
- removed wndproc map from plugins
- Fixed new focus/display bugs
- Cleaned up caching
- New macros plugin
- Printing
- choose filter extension in save as dialog based on downloaded file extension when downloading
- Fixed memory leaks
- Added stringtable for kmeleon menu identifiers
- Cleaned up the dialog boxes
- Copy image url
- right click and keyboard shortcut option for "open link in background"
(open new window not on top)
- selecting address bar, when first starting up K-Meleon
- [Fixed] While loading a page, closing K-Meleon will lead to a crash
- very basic cache preferences added
- Plugins can now define accelerator keys through accel.cfg
- Plugins directory added to preferences
- Find Next/Previous
- remembers the size of previous browser windows between runs
- Full Screen option in menus
- MRU list in URL bar
- Find in page
- view source in external viewer
- Fullscreen Mode (accessable via F2 and menus)
- ftp download proposes full path+filename as filename (pubmozillanightlymozillainstaller.exe)
- bmpmenu. This plugin adds images to the menus (configurable)
- browsing history in the go menu/back/forward buttons
- Session cookies work
- Properties->Version of k-meleon.exe contained not correct information
v0.3 (02/13/01)
- navigating with forward/back before the site finished loading
leads to wrong display (2 pages on top of each other)
- CTRL-N is now assignable as Accelerator key (Open in New Window now)
- Plugin support for menus/toolbars
- Scriptable menus & shortcuts
- preferences dialog
- replaced BCG Library by using Mozilla's new MFC-Embed code
- closing first-window doesn't quit K-Meleon now
- Allow basic authentication
- View source menu entry
- Uninstall works now, providing correct uninstall.exe now
- fixed percentage of document loaded sometimes wrong (>100%)
- Several Kmeleon0.21 crashes which are already fixed in the nightlies
- Save html of a page only
- Save complete page incl. images into a directory
- Save images, download files with right mouse click
- Open local files doesn't work on some systems
- takes URL as command line option
- mailto: links open mail app
- wording GNU General Public License fixed
- new bugs introduced :-)
v0.2.1 (11/27/00): Compiled with Mozilla M18 Nightly build (11/26/00)
- fixed mouse wheel crashing bug (duh).
- fixed background not erased correctly.
- Help menu will now display the correct items if you're upgrading from 0.1.
v0.2 (11/26/00): Compiled with Mozilla M18 Nightly build (11/26/00)
- Still uses BCG Library. I kinda like it. Updated to compile with 2.74.
Panning support (3rd mouse button).
4th and 5th mouse buttons support (back and forward).
Right-click context menu added (Open new window, copy, paste, etc...)
Scrollbars don't look ugly anymore.
More toolbar buttons work.
Lot less files to install, thanks to .jar.
Bugs: - There is a problem with form inputs, where it eventually doesn't accept keyboard
input anymore. This problem is apparent too in mozilla test embed program...
- Closing the main k-meleon browser will close all childs
v0.1 (08/21/00):
- First release by Christophe Thibault
Lots of stuff is not implemented such as Context menu, HTTPS, History,
Cookies saving, Mime types handling, etc...