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cvs2hg 4af324135d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75' 7 years ago
cvs2hg ee52045f49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75b1' 8 years ago
cvs2hg ff0bca530d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon74' 8 years ago
cvs2hg 1a9925bfea fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon_16b' 9 years ago
cvs2hg 4912b6fb7b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15' 14 years ago
cvs2hg 6fe8c549c5 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15b1' 14 years ago
boisso cc620cfe72 Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
boisso 7c40c6f300 Fix VC6 compilation issues 16 years ago
cvs2hg ae232d2a49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon10' 16 years ago
boisso 6104e620cd Fix compilation with VC6 16 years ago
doozan a95f824a6f Updated to 1.2b codebase, better tab key handling 20 years ago
binaryc e0267885c2 moved dialogs out of components.dll 21 years ago
doozan ff2272787b Updated to work with latest mozilla 21 years ago
binaryc 1871b36572 Moved profiles to <kmeleondir>\Profiles 21 years ago
binaryc 7623b44972 Moved some strings to the string table to make L10n a little easier 21 years ago
binaryc 0feb5f0dca modified the preferences dialog to make it more robust. 21 years ago
binaryc 663542f9dc Tooltip Support! 21 years ago
binaryc 05959fe32a updating to work with the newest build of Mozilla 21 years ago
cvs2hg 829a6cb5d3 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon05' 21 years ago
binaryc 7d1d16e546 Created generic parser class so the accel parser and menu parsers could be combined 21 years ago
binaryc 271991364a Broke BrowserView into multiple files because it was really really big 21 years ago
binaryc 56e3dd87df added weasel mini-email client 21 years ago
doozan 15de308ead *** empty log message *** 21 years ago
binaryc c9ffa2efa5 Sexy "Downloading..." box 21 years ago
binaryc 9658575777 unknown file type 21 years ago
cvs2hg 273ac19098 fixup commit for tag 'KMELEON_0_4' 21 years ago
doozan e796040599 prompt service moved to external component 22 years ago
binaryc c4bf07ee7b log stuff 22 years ago
doozan a78558cf56 Toolbar enhancements; lots of spring cleaning 22 years ago
doozan 8945f655dc Prettier preferences 22 years ago
doozan a5852d382d Show Next/Prev browser window added 22 years ago
doozan 9df869c9a4 Added print capabilites 22 years ago
doozan 908316e9d3 About.* added 22 years ago
doozan 0187037364 Integrated new mfcembed changes 22 years ago
binaryc ee61ca1c71 Added a new icon for a kmeleon document 22 years ago
binaryc 45850b7d02 reformatted (replaced tabs with 3 spaces) 22 years ago
binaryc bcbff9fea1 save link as 22 years ago
binaryc 858783b704 cleaned up a bit 22 years ago
binaryc 29470c0f9d misc. fixes 22 years ago
binaryc f41e5d91cc Jeff's updates 22 years ago
binaryc 7440a416ba Jeff's "Back" and "Forward" context menus 22 years ago
binaryc 6ea24bca73 Added new accelparser files 22 years ago
binaryc cf917b856d Created accelerator parser. Moved some functions around 22 years ago
binaryc 1651cfd591 Added version.h 22 years ago
binaryc bcac14accd Added menus.cfg 22 years ago
binaryc 6fe61aa925 Window will only start maximized if previous window was too 22 years ago
binaryc d205231136 Checkin of new kmeleon 22 years ago
binaryc ed6c89efe4 Moved to kmeleon_old 22 years ago
binaryc 9e2a515f66 large checkin 22 years ago
spaetz cbd505e361 checking in lots of changes for binaryc 22 years ago