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Dorian 5431006e7c Update for Gecko 38 / MSVC 2013 7 years ago
Dorian 57059d14af Reorganize sources 7 years ago
cvs2hg 4af324135d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75' 7 years ago
boisso c32d34ffb0 A bit of reorg 8 years ago
boisso 3c61eb06f1 Use default open/save dialog 8 years ago
cvs2hg ee52045f49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75b1' 8 years ago
boisso c434b59bc8 Mozilla 31 update 8 years ago
cvs2hg ff0bca530d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon74' 8 years ago
boisso c97d961b45 Implement restart 8 years ago
boisso 2a51a9b7a9 Fix profile initilaization 9 years ago
cvs2hg 1a9925bfea fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon_16b' 9 years ago
boisso 8e9bd849bd Build with gecko2 12 years ago
boisso 6a66b0b9cd Bug 1191: fails to prompt for external protocol handlers 13 years ago
cvs2hg 4912b6fb7b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15' 14 years ago
cvs2hg 6fe8c549c5 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15b1' 15 years ago
boisso cc620cfe72 Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
boisso b9f2d44954 Gecko 1.9 15 years ago
boisso cc262095a1 Gecko 1.9 15 years ago
cvs2hg ae232d2a49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon10' 16 years ago
boisso 98c0b85d8e Added support for a possible sidebar component. 16 years ago
boisso 3dba13d887 Implementation for NonBlockingAlert (but with a modal dialog!) 16 years ago
boisso 12014c9613 Removed tooltip provider 16 years ago
boisso cb8a0a1e96 Genkeypair dialog 17 years ago
boisso a992b6d4e3 Native dialogs for cookies, certificates and font packages. 17 years ago
boisso 958cec1339 Update for Mozilla 1.8 17 years ago