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Dorian 57059d14af Reorganize sources 7 years ago
cvs2hg 4af324135d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75' 7 years ago
boisso ba613f79a3 Memory settings 7 years ago
boisso 8474591e4f Fix findbar buttons 8 years ago
cvs2hg ee52045f49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75b1' 8 years ago
cvs2hg ff0bca530d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon74' 8 years ago
boisso 597189fdd1 *** empty log message *** 8 years ago
cvs2hg 1a9925bfea fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon_16b' 9 years ago
cvs2hg 4912b6fb7b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15' 14 years ago
boisso 6eadd2bdcd Add finddead.bmp 14 years ago
cvs2hg 6fe8c549c5 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15b1' 14 years ago
boisso cc620cfe72 Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
boisso 59568ff55e Force redrawing when changing color 15 years ago
boisso 43b81462a5 Use generic dialog with dynamic layout. 16 years ago
cvs2hg ae232d2a49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon10' 16 years ago
boisso 2fe8cf3278 Unicode support on NT OS for the findbar 17 years ago
boisso 0166fee69d Highlight in findbar 17 years ago
boisso 0d1438d6a0 Fix default button.in confirmcheck dialog 17 years ago
boisso 23a2d17ba4 Generic select dialog 17 years ago
boisso fb0f2b689c Fixing default button in generic dialog, and removing harcoded strings. 17 years ago
boisso 9df1351266 Permissions, passwords and cookies dialogs. DialogEx for using user font. 17 years ago
boisso 7870c5be19 Findbar 17 years ago
ulferikson c63ccafa9b Update of the MfcEmbed files of K-Meleon. 19 years ago
doozan 64eec5d2d3 Save Find settings 20 years ago
binaryc 1e9132bc4d moved dialogs out of components.dll 21 years ago
cvs2hg 829a6cb5d3 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon05' 21 years ago
cvs2hg 273ac19098 fixup commit for tag 'KMELEON_0_4' 22 years ago
doozan e796040599 prompt service moved to external component 22 years ago
binaryc f5a390f4d0 dialog box stuff (update to work with newest mozilla api) 22 years ago
doozan 9b8d02cece Integrated new mfcembed changes 22 years ago
binaryc 61a02eb63e Initial Checkin of new kmeleon 22 years ago