2252 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Roy Tam 8e4adca3e4 Update menus.cfg to KM76RC2 with URLBar entry 5 years ago
Roy Tam e84e27c207 Fix logic to match name 5 years ago
Roy Tam dcb2948301 Check selection in editor content as well 5 years ago
Roy Tam 63764b30da silence C4244 warning 5 years ago
Roy Tam e7750033b1 Kmeleon.vcxproj: move non-text resource files into Resources filter 5 years ago
Roy Tam cc030e6cb7 KmAppInfo::GetPlatformVersion will try to use platform.buildid pref value first. 5 years ago
Roy Tam 86543e6275 fix IsContentEditable() 5 years ago
roytam1 e286782993 improve Copy Link Text 5 years ago
roytam1 b366a799ae dump KMELEON_VERSION 5 years ago
roytam1 3c48801050 adblock: exclude unused part from compilation, add missing return paths 5 years ago
roytam1 dc86c5c271 kmHelper: add UserAgentOverrides support 5 years ago
roytam1 9d81050a50 kmHelper: update to 76RC2 5 years ago
roytam1 69839d9a6b adblock: fix link lib path for my environment 5 years ago
roytam1 6508914f20 adblock: add adblock to build 5 years ago
roytam1 a797fe62c3 gestures: prevent detecting gestures over plugin window 5 years ago
roytam1 ebec8bb831 gestures: tab to 4 spaces 5 years ago
roytam1 8b1dd6c5b8 maybe just truncate at 240th char instead? 5 years ago
roytam1 a32244b7b1 ditch super-long filename and let user enter new name instead 5 years ago
roytam1 80304c17b1 Trying to fix About Cache Info 5 years ago
roytam1 e08e4ee0e1 console2: truncate long source line 5 years ago
roytam1 bd6ba759d4 don't use MOZILLA_BUILDID 5 years ago
roytam1 75992d286e update app default prefs 5 years ago
roytam1 fa9b56559c update default prefs 5 years ago
roytam1 3a0d2e071f winEmbed: Add Enter key "Go" function in ComboBox. 5 years ago
roytam1 d772af1006 Fix: CanCopy() always returns true, use !IsSelectionCollapsed() instead. 5 years ago
roytam1 c992abbb63 add winEmbed to build 5 years ago
roytam1 cfc9d23c9c Gestures: remove GDI+ drawing 5 years ago
roytam1 746d1d4855 privacy: Update for cach2 API 5 years ago
roytam1 6d2b3c28c3 Update ClearCache to cache2 API 5 years ago
roytam1 2ff1f9c0e5 Update for Goanna 5 years ago
roytam1 5ca2ae6dfe regen jsbridge files 5 years ago
roytam1 1998c9c570 Update vcxproj files 5 years ago
Dorian 1908415bfe Version bump 6 years ago
Dorian ed87f5a14c Remove appstartup2 6 years ago
Dorian 69eece6cc0 Leave name empty when empty 6 years ago
Dorian 4e1da1aad4 Fix crash with popup after closing tab 6 years ago
Dorian 9e21797091 Fix menu text position 6 years ago
Dorian 3ca60f702a Add client edge pref 6 years ago
Dorian 24598b7e94 Increase buffers size 6 years ago
Dorian 1f393fce88 Add OnSwitchTab 6 years ago
Dorian f11c3c7046 Remove SSE 6 years ago
Dorian 65c25998ba Fix command line startup 7 years ago
Dorian 106aa74c34 Version bump 7 years ago
Dorian 477ec78079 Fix context menu not localizable 7 years ago
Dorian c7b031bf18 Fix external drag and sd activation by mistake 7 years ago
Dorian a2444ea642 Add mousetrail setting 7 years ago
Dorian e54a53a453 Fix sessions scroll position 7 years ago
Dorian 9052d13578 Fix crash when closing tab 7 years ago
Dorian 003b1f1e0c Search_URL global var 7 years ago
Dorian 440b84241b Testing code for open/close tab event 7 years ago