5 Commits (3f6f02c354c8bcd9ec837544a87948e9403fa656)

Author SHA1 Message Date
roytam1 3f6f02c354 kplugins: fix build after landing "Bug 1182516 - Add Chaos Mode environment variable MOZ_CHAOSMODE. r=roc" in GRE 1 year ago
roytam1 9b5742237f kplugins: jsplugin, spellcheck: follow-up after chaos mode imported in GRE 2 years ago
Dorian 440b84241b Testing code for open/close tab event 7 years ago
Dorian 5431006e7c Update for Gecko 38 / MSVC 2013 7 years ago
Dorian 57059d14af Reorganize sources 7 years ago
cvs2hg 4af324135d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75' 7 years ago
boisso 76464bc01d Fix crash 7 years ago
boisso 6b16be3da6 Add getTabs, checked and enabled callback for button/menu 7 years ago
boisso 3806aeb13d RegisterCmd, checked and enabled callback 7 years ago
boisso 9aea4d8238 Add macros function logmsg, popupmenu and fix getpref localized 8 years ago
boisso 7adc008e5d Events draft and other useless stuffs 8 years ago
boisso fae7e519db Add dom window in command function parameters 8 years ago
boisso c9094de291 SetAccel 8 years ago
boisso e4d3f98568 Removing stricmp 8 years ago
boisso 4a4a90fe92 Plugin/Js cmd/toolbar implementation 1 8 years ago
cvs2hg ee52045f49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75b1' 8 years ago
boisso c434b59bc8 Mozilla 31 update 8 years ago
cvs2hg ff0bca530d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon74' 8 years ago
boisso 2de65d1688 Added SetMenuCallback 8 years ago
boisso 424b9da565 Fix xul dialog, context menu, print, and other things 9 years ago
boisso 3ddfa1968d Gecko update 9 years ago
cvs2hg 1a9925bfea fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon_16b' 9 years ago
cvs2hg 4912b6fb7b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15' 14 years ago
cvs2hg 3b59539e0b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15a2' 15 years ago
boisso cc620cfe72 Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
boisso c409ad2805 Ooops 16 years ago
boisso 4008d73a9c Cleaning 16 years ago
boisso 4b32f00d25 Initial checkin. SetMenu and Id implementation. 16 years ago