2 Commits (5431006e7c73098c5b612b7ebae508f373de2a5a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Dorian 5431006e7c Update for Gecko 38 / MSVC 2013 7 years ago
Dorian 57059d14af Reorganize sources 7 years ago
cvs2hg 4af324135d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75' 7 years ago
cvs2hg ee52045f49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon75b1' 8 years ago
cvs2hg ff0bca530d fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon74' 8 years ago
boisso 6b5c2f7690 *** empty log message *** 9 years ago
boisso 424b9da565 Fix xul dialog, context menu, print, and other things 9 years ago
cvs2hg 1a9925bfea fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon_16b' 9 years ago
boisso 2ebea4ffe5 Bug 1176: k-meleon fails to exit after trying to open a non-existant xul chrome address 13 years ago
cvs2hg 4912b6fb7b fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15' 14 years ago
cvs2hg 6fe8c549c5 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon15b1' 14 years ago
boisso cc620cfe72 Bug 966: kmeleon.display.maximized ignored at startup 15 years ago
boisso 0a3dae4bf4 Spring Time I 15 years ago
cvs2hg ae232d2a49 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon10' 16 years ago
boisso aa9627e85d Prevent status of download to show in the status bar of the browser. 16 years ago
boisso 76747c611e Compatibility with VC7 17 years ago
ulferikson ec357a18db Fixes and updates 18 years ago
ulferikson c63ccafa9b Update of the MfcEmbed files of K-Meleon. 19 years ago
doozan fc2c586f54 Updated per mozilla changes 21 years ago
cvs2hg 829a6cb5d3 fixup commit for tag 'kmeleon05' 21 years ago
doozan f00d3b96e0 Secure icon added to statusbar 21 years ago
doozan 6f1de38b02 onLocationChange usage updated 21 years ago
cvs2hg 273ac19098 fixup commit for tag 'KMELEON_0_4' 22 years ago
doozan 49d3ac5767 Removed crash on exit while loading page workaround 22 years ago
doozan d47fb627a9 Fixed crash when window is closed while loading a page 22 years ago
binaryc 45850b7d02 reformatted (replaced tabs with 3 spaces) 22 years ago
binaryc 61a02eb63e Initial Checkin of new kmeleon 22 years ago