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!ifdef ULANG
!undef ULANG
LangString INST_Welcome ULANG "${NAME} ${VERSION} Install Wizard"
LangString MUI_WELCOMEPAGE_TEXT ULANG "This wizard will guide you through the installation of ${PRODUCT_BUILD}.\n\nIt is recommanded that you close all other applications before starting Setup. This will make it possible to update relevant system files without having to reboot your computer.\n\nClick Next to continue.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t\t\t\t${NAME} Setup v. ${SETUP_VERSION}"
LangString INST_Caption ULANG "${PRODUCT_BUILD} Setup"
LangString DESC_SecMain ULANG "Install the required ${NAME} files."
LangString DESC_SecAllUser ULANG "Install ${NAME} for all user accounts. You need administration privileges."
LangString DESC_SecBookmarks ULANG "Choose what type of bookmark support you wish to have enabled by default."
LangString DESC_SecNetscapeBookmarks ULANG "Enable support for Netscape compatible bookmarks."
LangString DESC_SecIEFavorites ULANG "Enable support for Internet Explorer compatible Favorites."
LangString DESC_SecOperaHotlist ULANG "Enable support for Opera compatible bookmarks (Hotlist)."
LangString DESC_SecAssoc ULANG "Set ${NAME} as your default browser. You need administration privileges."
LangString DESC_SecShortcuts ULANG "Select which shortcuts you would like to have created."
LangString DESC_SecDesktop ULANG "Create a desktop shortcut."
LangString DESC_SecStartMenu ULANG "Create a Start Menu folder with shortcuts."
LangString DESC_SecQuickLaunch ULANG "Create a Quick Launch shortcut."
LangString DESC_SecTools ULANG "Select which extra ${NAME} tools you would like to install."
LangString DESC_SecLoader ULANG "Install the ${NAME} Loader, for significantly faster startup times."
#LangString DESC_SecRemote ULANG "Install the ${NAME} Remote Control tool. (requires the external program control plugin to be enabled)"
#LangString DESC_SecSplash ULANG "Install a splash screen tool."
LangString UN_confirm ULANG "This will remove ${PRODUCT_BUILD} from your computer. Click Uninstall to start the uninstallation."
LangString UN_RemoveProfile ULANG "Would you like to remove the user profiles?$\n$\nThe user profile contains your personal preferences, bookmarks, and history and is located in "
LangString UN_everything ULANG "There seems to be more files left in the install directory, would you like to remove everything?$\n$\n(This is most likely installed plugins, skins, or other downloaded files)"
LangString UN_Title ULANG "${PRODUCT_BUILD} (remove only)"
LangString INIT_KmeleonRunning ULANG "It appears that ${NAME} or the Loader is currently running.$\r$\nIt must be closed before ${NAME} ${VERSION} can continue installation.$\r$\n$\r$\nPress OK to close now, or Cancel to abort installation."
LangString INST_AlreadyInstalled ULANG "An earlier install of ${NAME} has been detected in ''$INSTDIR'' !$\nAre you sure you want to install ${NAME} in this directory?"
LangString INST_Quit ULANG "Are you sure you want to quit ${PRODUCT_BUILD} Setup?"
LangString SECT_Loader ULANG "${NAME} Loader"
LangString SECT_AllUser ULANG "Install for all user"
LangString SECT_Bookmarks ULANG "Bookmark Support"
LangString SECT_IEFavorites ULANG "Internet Explorer Favorites"
LangString SECT_NSBookmarks ULANG "Netscape Bookmarks"
LangString SECT_Hotlist ULANG "Opera Hotlist"
LangString SECT_DefaultBrowser ULANG "Set ${NAME} as your default browser"
LangString SECT_CreateShortcut ULANG "Create Windows Shortcuts for ${NAME}"
LangString SECT_WSShortcut ULANG "Desktop Shortcut"
LangString SECT_SMShortcut ULANG "Start Menu Shortcut"
LangString SECT_QLShortcut ULANG "Quick Launch Shortcut"
LangString SECT_Tools ULANG "Miscellaneous ${NAME} Tools"
LangString SECT_Profile ULANG "Multi-user Profiles"
LangString DESC_SecProfile ULANG "Uncheck this option to store ${NAME} profiles in the ${NAME} folder instead of the application data folder."