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Privacy Plugin for K-Meleon
Version 0.0.3
Copyright 2004 (c) Romain Vallet
The Privacy Plugin allows you to automatically clear informations like
cookies, cache, history, address bar history and sign on data (logins
and passwords) whenever K-Meleon starts up or shuts down.
This plugin is in a very early stage and has not been thoroughly tested
so far. You should backup your profile directory before using it. It
has been tested with K-Meleon 0.8.2.
To install the plugin, copy privacy.dll to <K-Meleon directory>\kplugins.
Typically: C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\kplugins
Then launch K-Meleon.
The plugin can be configured via the Preferences dialog, in the Plugins
Config Files
Here are the syntaxes to add Privacy functions calls in the menus,
accelerators and toolbars. In the functions names, MRU (Most Recently Used)
stands for Address bar history and Signon for Saved Passwords.
------Before Main{}------
%ifplugin privacy
&Privacy {
privacy(ClearCookies, Clear C&ookies)
privacy(ClearHistory, Clear &History)
privacy(ClearCache, Clear &Disk cache)
privacy(ClearMRU, Clear &Address bar history)
privacy(ClearSignon, Clear Saved &passwords)
privacy(Config, &Config)
------In Main{}------
%ifplugin privacy
Toolbars & Accelerators
plugin(privacy, ClearCookies)
plugin(privacy, ClearHistory)
plugin(privacy, ClearCache)
plugin(privacy, ClearMRU)
plugin(privacy, ClearSignon)
Technical issues
The history can't be fully cleared at shutdown. The reason for that is
that K-Meleon saves the history file after all the plugins are terminated.
As a result the history for the current session can't be deleted.
For the same reason, the cache can be cleared only partially at shutdown.
Romain Vallet <>
This plugin and its sources can be downloaded there:
2004-04-27 - Version 0.0.3
* Main functions can now be called via macros,
accelerators, toolbars and menus
2004-04-23 - Version 0.0.2
* Added a configuration dialog
* Added sign on data management
2004-04-22 - Version 0.0.1
* First public release